Perseuse 16mm vs Hyperion 13.5mm

Looking to upgrade your pickleball paddle game? Stuck between the buttery touch of the Perseuse 16mm or the fierce spin of the Hyperion 13.5mm?

Which one will give YOUR game an edge?

Let’s see how the Perseuse 16mm and Hyperion 13.5mm specs compare.

Perseuse 16mm Paddle Specs

Perseuse 16 mm
  • Face Material: Fiberglass + Carbon Fiber Polymer Blend
  • Core: Polypropylene Polymer
  • Weight: 7.6 – 8.2 oz
  • Grip Size: 4 1/8′′ – 4 1/4′′
  • Shape: Widebody
  • Edge Guard: Full Guard
  • Texture: Smooth

Key Features:

  • 16mm thick paddle face for outstanding touch and control
  • Ultra lightweight at just 7.6-8.2 oz for quick reactions
  • Polymer honeycomb core deadens vibration and provides “pop”
  • Ideal for control players looking for touch shots with power
  • Comfortable 4 1/8″ grip fits majority of hand sizes
  • Widebody shape offers large sweet spot for consistency

Hyperion 13.5mm Pickleball Paddle Specs

Hyperion 13.5mm
  • Face Material: Fiberglass + Carbon Fiber Polymer Blend
  • Core: Polymer
  • Weight: 7.8 – 8.5 oz
  • Grip Size: 4 1/8′′ – 4 1/4′′
  • Shape: Elongated
  • Edge Guard: Partial Guard
  • Texture: Roughneck Gritty

Key Features:

  • 13.5mm paddle face provides outstanding power and pop
  • Polymer core generates punch on shots with great touch
  • Roughneck gritty face yields excellent spin and control
  • Elongated shape delivers expanded sweet spot
  • Weighs 7.8-8.5 oz for maneuverability and quick reaction time
  • Partial edge guard for chip protection and lightweight feel

Now that we’ve covered the core specs, let’s dive deeper into how these paddles compare across performance categories.

🥎 Paddle Composition Comparison

Face Materials

Both the Perseuse and Hyperion feature fiberglass and carbon fiber faces over a polymer core. This gives great blend of power, control, touch, and durability. However, the Perseuse uses a 16mm thick face, while the Hyperion is 13.5mm. This gives the Perseuse better control and touch on finesse shots. The Hyperion’s thinner face generates more power and pop.

Core Materials

The cores on both paddles utilize polymer construction. Polymer cores deliver excellent touch on shots while dampening vibration. This provides a soft yet responsive feel. Both cores perform on par, but the Perseuse’s thicker face compensates to give it better control.


With weights ranging from 7.6-8.5 ounces, both paddles are on the ultralight side. This lightweight construction allows for quick maneuverability and easy swinging. The Perseuse 16mm weighs 7.6-8.2 ounces, while the Hyperion 13.5mm runs 7.8-8.5 ounces. So the Perseuse is slightly lighter overall, making it easier to generate fast reaction shots.

🥎 Performance Comparison Now let’s see how the Perseuse and Hyperion stacks up across key performance categories:


The Hyperion 13.5mm wins out when it comes to sheer power. Its thinner 13.5mm face generates impressive pop and drive on shots. The Perseuse doesn’t lack power by any means thanks to its carbon face, but the thicker 16mm construction results in more control than force.

Edge: Hyperion 13.5mm


While the Hyperion is no slouch in control, this category goes to the Perseuse. The ultra thick 16mm face allows for outstanding touch and finesse on shots. This thickness lets you shape shots with precision and put the ball exactly where you want it. The Hyperion is grippy thanks to its Roughneck face, but the Perseuse takes the edge for control.

Edge: Perseuse 16mm

Sweet Spot

Due to its wideboy shape, the Perseuse offers a slightly larger sweet spot for consistent contact across the face. The Hyperion’s elongated form also provides an expanded sweet spot, but falls just short of the Perseuse’s hitting area.

Edge: Perseuse 16mm


With weights in the 7-8 ounce range, both paddles deliver excellent maneuverability for quick reaction shots. However, since the Perseuse 16mm weighs up to half an ounce less than the Hyperion, it gets the nod for better handling and maneuverability. Its lighter frame makes it easier to generate fast swings and returns.

Edge: Perseuse 16mm


The Hyperion wins when it comes to sheer pop and ball speed off the face. Its 13.5mm face and polymer core work together to generate impressive ball speed, pace, and power. The Perseuse is no slouch in this category thanks to its carbon face, but the Hyperion takes the edge when you need raw punch.

Edge: Hyperion 13.5mm

Spin Potential

Thanks to its grippy Roughneck face texture, the Hyperion 13.5mm excels at creating nasty topspin and slice shots. The Perseuse’s smooth carbon face can still generate spin, but struggles to match the aggression of the Hyperion’s gritty textured surface. If you love bending shots with heavy spin, the Hyperion is the clear pick.

Edge: Hyperion 13.5mm


The Perseuse’s outstanding touch makes it the choice for touch and finesse players. The ultra thick 16mm face provides unmatched control and feel for gently shaping shots. Whether you need touch drops, slow rolls, or surgical placement, the Perseuse allows for more precision thanks to its buttery responsive feel.

Edge: Perseuse 16mm


Both paddles perform well in comfort, offering lightweight responsive faces and comfortable 4 1/8″ grips. The Hyperion’s partial edge guard gives it a slightly more streamlined, comfortable feel, but both provide a great experience matching most player’s needs. Comfort is largely a personal preference.

Edge: Equal

Pickleball Paddle Comparison Chart

SpecsPerseuse 16mmHyperion 13.5mm
Face MaterialFiberglass + Carbon Fiber PolymerFiberglass + Carbon Fiber Polymer
Core MaterialPolymer HoneycombPolymer
Weight7.6-8.2 oz7.8-8.5 oz
Grip Size4 1/8′′ – 4 1/4′′4 1/8′′ – 4 1/4′′
Edge GuardFull GuardPartial Guard
TextureSmoothRoughneck Gritty
Sweet Spot9/108/10
Spin Potential7/109/10

Pickleball Paddle FAQs

What grip size should I choose?

Your grip size comes down to personal hand size and comfort. Most players fall in the 4-4 1/4″ range. Measure your hand circumference at the base of your fingers to determine ideal size. Opt for a snug, comfortable fit that still allows free wrist movement. You can add paddle grip tape later for extra cushion.

What weight paddle should I use?

Heavier paddles around 8 oz provide power and stability, while lighter paddles around 7 oz allow for quick maneuvering. Choose a weight based on your play style – lighter for doubles and reaction shots, heavier for driving power. Build strength over time to advance to a heavier paddle.

How much does paddle composition matter?

Paddle materials significantly impact performance and feel. Graphite or carbon fiber faces offer tremendous touch and control, while aluminum faces generate more power. Polymer cores provide control and vibration dampening, while Nomex cores offer more pop and response. Match materials to your play style.

Do edge guards really make a difference?

Edge guards protect paddle faces from wear and chips during play. Full edge guards provide the most protection, partial guards save weight. Guards are a matter of personal preference, but aren’t required. Some players enjoy the streamlined feel of no guard at all.

How does face texture impact pickleball paddle performance?

Textured paddle faces add extra spin while providing control. Smooth faces offer more power and consistency. Look for grippy faces like Roughneck or Fiesta if you want heavy spin in your shots without sacrificing too much control.

Key Takeaways – Perseuse vs Hyperion

  • The Perseuse 16mm provides superior control and touch thanks to its thicker face
  • The Hyperion 13.5mm delivers more power and spin potential with its thinner face
  • Both offer excellent maneuverability, but the Perseuse’s lighter frame gets the edge
  • The Perseuse provides a wider sweet spot, while the Hyperion is stronger on pop
  • For finesse players who rely on control, the Perseuse 16mm is the best choice
  • For aggressive players who drive shots, the Hyperion 13.5mm is ideal
  • Players can’t go wrong with either paddle – choose based on your play style!

No matter your skill level, mastering paddle control and technique is vital. But once ready, upgrading your gear can take your game to the next level. We hope this guide helps you decide whether the precise control of the Perseuse 16mm or powerful spin of the Hyperion 13.5mm is the best match for your playing style. Both quality paddles will elevate any intermediate or pro player’s game.

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