Pickleball Outfit Ideas for Women's

Are you ready to smash and dink in comfort AND fashion with these outfit ideas? From cute tops and skirts to perfect shoes, we’ve got all the pickleball wardrobe inspo you need.  So say bye-bye to pickleball fashion faux pas, and hello to crushing the competition in style! 

Whether you’re a beginner babe just starting out or a seasoned pro, you’ll find tips to help you pickle in total comfort while looking ah-mazing from head to toe. Let’s get started with some fierce and functional pickleball-wear ideas! What are you waiting for? Let’s dive in and get ready to dress in your pickleball best! 

Must-Have Pickleball Clothing & Gear for Women

When building your pickleball wardrobe, prioritize these key elements:

Pickleball Tops

T-Shirts – Breathable, moisture wicking t-shirts are a pickleball staple. Look for:

  • Loose fit – allows freedom of movement
  • Quick drying synthetic fibers (polyester, nylon)
  • UV sun protection
  • Contrasting color blocks help visibility

Polo Shirts – Collared, button down athletic polos offer versatility on and off court.

Tank Tops – Great for hot weather play. Racerback style offers most range of motion.

Long Sleeves – Provide sun protection. Lightweight, sweat-wicking materials prevent overheating.

Pickleball Bottoms

Skorts – Part skirt, part shorts. Longer hem adds coverage while slit allows leg stride.

Skinny Ankle Sweatpants – Stretchy athletic material won’t hinder movement.

Yoga Pants – Form fitting for ease of play.

Shorts – Look for 4-6 inch inseam lengths. Allow ventilation while covering thighs.

Pickleball Socks

Cushioned, ankle cut pickleball socks absorb shock, reduce blisters and keep feet comfortable during play.

Pickleball Shoes

Shoes designed for pickleball, tennis, badminton or other lateral court sports provide the best traction and support. Key factors to consider:

  • Flat Soles – Avoid running shoes with heavy tread. Opt for smoother soles for sliding.
  • Toe Protection – Guards against injury from quick stops and lunges.
  • Ankle Support – Helps avoid rolled ankles on quick changes in direction.
  • Lightweight – Less bulk allows freedom of movement.

Orthotic Inserts

If needed for arch support or impact absorption when running and jumping.

Compression Gear

Tight fitting shirts, shorts and leggings aid circulation, reduce muscle fatigue and can enhance athletic performance. Ideal for an intensive match.

Hat or Visor

Shade your face from the sun’s glare and protect your eyes when serving and volleying.

Pickleball Fashion Do’s and Don’ts


✅ Prioritize performance – Mobility and comfort are most important.

✅ Layer up – Shed layers as you warm up.

✅ Wear bright colors – Easier for opponents to track the ball.

✅ Pack extra gear – Bring backup options in case weather shifts.

✅ Cover up – Shorts, skorts and tanks help avoid sun exposure.


❌ Wear anything too loose – Can impede motion or get caught on the net.

❌ Let shoes hinder movement – Avoid heavy treads that stick on the court.

❌ Wear noisy jewelry – Bracelets, bangles and long earrings can distract.

❌ Wear all black – Makes it hard for other players to see you.

❌ Dress inappropriately – Keep it family friendly.

Pickleball Outfit Ideas for Women's

Ideal Women’s Pickleball Outfits By Season

Pickleball can be played year-round but your clothing choices will vary depending on the weather. Use these seasonal recommendations as a starting point.

Spring Pickleball Outfits

As the weather warms up, shed the winter layers. Breathable, moisture wicking fabrics are key.

  • Short sleeve polo or t-shirt
  • Shorts, skort or yoga pants
  • Light jacket or hoodie in case of chill
  • Court shoes

Summer Pickleball Outfits

Beat the heat in lightweight, breathable fabrics and ample sun protection.

  • Tank top
  • Skort or shorts
  • Visor or breathable hat
  • Ultra lightweight court shoes
  • Dark sunglasses

Fall Pickleball Outfits

The drop in temperatures calls for adding layers over breathable base options.

  • Short sleeve tee under long sleeve pullover
  • Yoga pants or joggers
  • Lightweight jacket
  • Beanie for cooler mornings
  • Court shoes

Winter Pickleball Outfits

Bundling up is key but make sure mobility isn’t restricted.

  • Long sleeve base layer shirt
  • Fleece or insulated jacket on top
  • Thermal leggings or joggers under shorts
  • Wool socks
  • Winter or all court shoes
  • Knit hat that covers ears
  • Light gloves with grip dots

Recommended Women’s Pickleball Clothing Brands

These top athletic brands offer quality pickleball apparel optimized for performance and comfort:

  • Nike – Variety of stylish shirts, shorts, shoes.
  • Adidas – Known for breathable Climalite and aeroready lines.
  • Under Armour – Great moisture wicking tops and shorts.
  • Athleta – Leading women’s activewear for quality & fit.
  • Lululemon – Luxtreme fabric resists sweat for intense play.
  • New Balance – Known for supportive, stable pickleball shoes.
  • Asics – Gel technology cushions for dynamic play.
  • Prince – Heritage tennis brand with pickleball focus.
  • Wilson – Trusted for quality rackets and gear. Expanding pickleball options.
  • FILA – Bold styles, performance fabric and tennis heritage.

Pickleball Fashion Trends & Looks for Women

Beyond function, pickleball outfits don’t have to be boring. You can show off your personal style on the court with these on-trend looks:

Sporty Chic

Channel gym class vibes with athletic staples accented by feminine details like mesh cut-outs, pastels or florals.

  • Baby pink polo or racerback tank
  • Black skort with mesh inserts
  • White court shoes
  • High ponytail

Retro Revival

Vintage athletic influences like color blocking, stripes and old school logos are back in a big way.

  • Striped polo shirt
  • Pleated skort
  • Classic court shoes like Keds
  • Sweatband
  • High socks

Coordinating Sets

Take the guesswork out of getting ready with athleisure sets in matching colors and prints.

  • Tie-dye tank and leggings set
  • Colorblock jacket and shorts combo
  • Polo and skort in coordinating floral print

All Black Err’thing

Sleek from head to toe in this slimming and stylish color combo.

  • Black cap sleeve tee
  • Black skort with mesh detail
  • Black leggings underneath
  • Black court shoes
  • Black visor

Pickleball Outfits to Avoid

While you don’t have to invest in expensive designer activewear, there are some definite no-no’s when it comes to pickleball fashion. Avoid these poor outfit choices:

✖️ Jeans – Restrict mobility and absorb sweat.

✖️ Overly revealing – Keep coverage modest.

✖️ Jewelry – Could scratch or injure you or opponents.

✖️Cotton – Holds sweat rather than wicking.

✖️ Flip flops – No support or toe protection.

✖️ Skirts – Could impede motion.

✖️ Rompers/jumpsuits – Using restroom gets complicated.

✖️ Swimsuits – Lack coverage and absorb sweat.

Pickleball Clothing Tips for Common Body Types

Not all styles look or feel good on every body shape. Use these tips to find your best fitting pickleball outfits based on your build.

Pear Shape

Look for:

  • Light color tops to draw eyes upward
  • Skorts provide balance
  • flare or bootcut pants
  • Contrast color blocking on bottom

Apple Shape

Look for:

  • Darker colors on bottom
  • Wrap dresses cinch the waist
  • Wide leg pants balance proportions

Hourglass Figure

Look for:

  • Tailored fits to show curves
  • Bright colors to highlight shape
  • High cut bottoms lengthen legs

Athletic Build

Look for:

  • Stretch fabrics that enhance movement
  • Racerback and sleeveless styles
  • Boyfriend shirts for looser fit

Petite Frame

Look for:

  • Cropped and ankle length fits to avoid dwarfed look
  • Bright, bold prints and colorblocking
  • High waisted bottoms lengthen appearance

Pickleball Fashion for Plus Size Women

Here are some tips for looking and feeling great as a plus size pickleball player:

  • Darker colors – Slimming effect
  • Bold patterns – Distracts from size
  • Longer hemlines – Provides coverage
  • Form fitting – Prevents friction sores
  • Wider waistbands – Comfortable fit
  • High necklines – Covers while allowing arm mobility
  • Emphasis on bottom – Draws eyes down
  • Sturdy support shoes – Avoid injury
  • Moisture wicking – Prevents chafing
  • Layering – Shed as you heat up

Popular plus size activewear brands include Grrrl, Superfit Hero, Year Of Ours, Girlfriend Collective, Fabletics and Old Navy.

Table summarizing key takeaways about pickleball outfits for women:

TopsMoisture wicking, loose fit, UV protection, bright colors
BottomsStretchy, breathable, moderate length shorts or skorts
ShoesFlat soles, toe protection, ankle support, lightweight
AccessoriesHat for shade, sport socks, compression as needed
Seasonal WearLayer breathable fabrics, shed layers as warm up
BrandsNike, Adidas, Athleta, Prince, New Balance
TrendsSporty chic, retro, coordinated sets, all black
AvoidJeans, jewelry, cotton, skirts, baggy clothes

Layering Tips for Indoor & Outdoor Play

Pickleball can be played year-round both indoors and outdoors. Adapt your outfit for the setting and weather conditions:

Indoor Pickleball

Indoor courts are climate controlled so single layers suffice. You won’t overheat inside but muscles can still get stiff and cold.

  • Wear short sleeves or tank tops.
  • Match with knee-length skorts, shorts or leggings.
  • Pack knee sleeves, long sleeve shirt or jacket in case you get chilly.

Outdoor Pickleball

Plan for changing temperatures and weather conditions outside.

  • In warm weather, wear lightweight, breathable fabrics.
  • Pack extra layers like long sleeve shirts, pullovers, and windbreakers.
  • In cooler weather, wear layered athletic tops and insulated leggings.
  • Waterproof jackets, bibs, and pants protect against rain and snow.
  • Wide-brimmed hats, earbands, and gloves guard against sun and cold.

Shed or add layers as needed for comfort and temperature regulation when playing outdoors.

Pickleball Outfit FAQs

Q: What fabrics work best for pickleball clothing?

A: Look for lightweight, breathable fabrics that wick moisture such as polyester, spandex blends, jersey knits and dri-fit materials. Avoid heavy cottons.

Q: Should I tuck in my shirt or leave it loose?

A: For mobility, it’s generally better to wear your athletic tops untucked. But if you prefer a tucked shirt, just be sure it’s not too snug.

Q: What length shorts are best?

A: Opt for shorts with at least a 5-6 inch inseam. Lengths between mid-thigh and knee-length give the best coverage and range of motion.

Q: Should I wear knee pads for pickleball?

A: Knee pads are recommended to protect knees when diving for low shots. Look for lightweight, breathable pads that stay in place.

Q: What are the best shoes for pickleball?

A: Shoes designed specifically for pickleball with lateral support, traction, and cushioning. Popular brands include New Balance, ASICS, Prince and Adidas pickleball shoes.

Q: Can I wear flip flops while playing pickleball?

A: No flip flops! Secure athletic shoes are a must for safe footwork and avoiding injury on the pickleball court.

Q: Should I buy specialty clothing just for pickleball?

A: While you don’t need an entire dedicated wardrobe, having moisture-wicking shirts, shorts and shoes specifically for pickleball is recommended.

Q: Where can I buy pickleball clothing and gear?

A: Many sports stores now carry pickleball equipment. You can also find a wide selection online at sites like Amazon, Pickleball Central, Engage and others.

Q: What should I use to carry my paddle and gear?

A: Pickleball paddle bags, backpacks and packs are ideal for transporting your items. Look for padded protection and compartments.

Are pickleball skirts allowed?

Yes, skirts and skorts are permitted as long as they don’t have clasps, buttons or pockets that could catch on the net. Moderate length and spandex shorts underneath are recommended.

Q: Can you wear jeans to play pickleball?

A: Jeans are not recommended. The stiff fabric restricts motion and denim absorbs sweat rather than wicking it away from the body. Stick to stretchy athletic pants or shorts.

Q: Should your pickleball shoes match your outfit?

A: Matching footwear to apparel is an optional fashion choice, not a requirement. Focus first on performance – choose shoes with proper traction and support for play.

Q: What do female pro pickleball players wear?

A: Like all athletes, professional female players prioritize function over fashion. They wear athletic materials like dri-fit shirts, leggings, shorts and court shoes from brands like Nike, Adidas and Prince.

Q: Can you wear a dress when playing pickleball?

A: While less common, athletic dresses made of flexible, breathable fabric can work for pickleball. Look for built-in shorts and pocketless design. Test mobility before wearing in a match.

Summary – Key Points for Pickleball Outfits:

  • Prioritize mobility, breathability and comfort in your clothing.
  • Shoes are the most important element – choose athletic shoes with ample support.
  • Look for moisture-wicking fabrics that dry quickly.
  • Allow for airflow with loose tops and shorts/skirts of an appropriate length.
  • Accessorize with visors, caps, grips, gloves, bags and gear that enhances your game.
  • Adapt outfits to indoor vs outdoor and cold vs warm weather conditions.
  • Shop at sports stores or online for specialized pickleball apparel and equipment.

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