Vatic Pro V7 vs CRBN 1X 16 mm

One of the hottest matchup discussions among players is the Vatic Pro V7 vs the CRBN 1X 16 mm. These two paddles consistently top the best-sellers lists, and for good reason.

But which one is right for YOUR game? 🤔 That’s the real question we need to answer today! 

We’ll compare every aspect of the Vatic vs CRBN paddles to help you make the call on which one best fits your gameplay and budget.

Let’s smash into it!

Paddle Construction

The construction quality of a paddle plays a big role in its performance, feel, and durability. Here’s how the Vatic Pro V7 and CRBN 1X 16 mm compare:

Vatic Pro V7 Construction

  • 7 ply wood core – Provides great touch and control
  • Fiberglass face – Gives good power and pop
  • Textured surface – Adds spin potential
  • Edgeless design – Improves paddle sweet spot
  • Approx 8.0 oz weight

CRBN 1X 16 mm Construction

  • 16 mm carbon fiber face – Generates excellent power
  • Woven carbon fiber back – Lightweight but durable
  • Textured hitting surface – Allows for spin shots
  • Slight shoulder – Expands sweet spot
  • Approx 8.0 oz weight

Both paddles use quality materials in their construction. The Vatic has a wood core for control, while the CRBN uses advanced carbon fiber for an optimal strength-to-weight ratio. The textured hitting surfaces allow you to add spin on shots.

The CRBN comes out slightly ahead for its advanced carbon fiber face that provides unmatched touch and power. But the Vatic still holds its own with its fiberglass face and edgeless sweet spot expanding design.

Vatic Pro V7 vs CRBN 1X 16 mm

Paddle Performance

Now let’s compare how these two paddles actually perform out on the court:


  • Vatic Pro V7: The fiberglass face generates decent power and pop on shots. It has enough to put balls away, but doesn’t quite match the explosive power of carbon fiber models.
  • CRBN 1X 16 mm: With its cutting-edge 16 mm carbon fiber face, the CRBN delivers incredible power and can really hammer the ball with precision. Easily smashes down volleys.


  • Vatic Pro V7: The 7-ply wood core gives the Vatic Pro V7 outstanding control and touch. It has great finesse for carefully placed shots.
  • CRBN 1X 16 mm: While the carbon fiber face offers explosive power, it doesn’t skimp on control. The touch is excellent and you can reliably place shots where you want.

Spin Potential

  • Vatic Pro V7: The textured hitting surface grabs and imparts spin on the ball well. You can take full cuts while still generating heavy topspin or slice as needed.
  • CRBN 1X 16 mm: With the exact same textured face as the Vatic, the CRBN 1X also provides first-rate spin potential. The carbon fiber doesn’t reduce feel or the ability to take sharp cuts.


  • Vatic Pro V7: As expected from a wood core paddle, the Vatic has a fantastic smooth and buttery feel. Every shot gives great feedback and control.
  • CRBN 1X 16 mm: The CRBN has an incredibly solid, crisp feel that gives you complete confidence on every hit. Vibration dampening provides excellent touch too.

Sweet Spot

  • Vatic Pro V7: The edgeless design expands the sweet spot nicely, providing some forgiveness on mishits. Power drops noticeably on hits outside the center though.
  • CRBN 1X 16 mm: With its slight shoulder, the CRBN also supplies an enlarged sweet spot for more consistency. Power remains strong even on off-center hits.

Overall, the CRBN 1X 16 mm comes out on top in terms of performance, especially in the power and sweet spot categories. But the Vatic Pro V7 still performs impressively and has its strengths in control, feel, and spin potential. The CRBN is ideal for an aggressive attacking style, while the Vatic suits finesse players.

Comparison Table of Vatic Pro V7 vs CRBN 1X 16 mm

FeatureVatic Pro V7CRBN 1X 16 mm
Construction7-ply wood core, fiberglass face16 mm carbon fiber face, carbon fiber back
ControlExcellentVery good
Spin PotentialVery goodVery good
FeelExcellentVery good
Sweet SpotGoodVery good
Grip Size5.3″5.5″
Skill LevelIdeal for beginners to intermediateBest for competitive and advanced players

Paddle Features

In addition to performance, convenience features are also important when comparing pickleball paddles:

Grip Style

  • Vatic Pro V7: Comes with a comfortable, tacky cushioned grip that provides excellent control and absorption.
  • CRBN 1X 16 mm: Features a perforated Comfort-Tack grip that ensures a solid hold, while reducing moisture buildup.

Grip Size

  • Vatic Pro V7: Only available with a 5.3 inches diameter grip, best suited to medium or large hands.
  • CRBN 1X 16 mm: Comes in both 5.5 inches grip circumferences to accommodate different hand sizes.

Paddle Face

  • Vatic Pro V7: Has Vatic’s TripleGuard 2.0 preservation to protect against scratches and damage.
  • CRBN 1X 16 mm: Uses an advanced resin-infused carbon fiber face for enhanced durability and weather resistance.

Carrying Case

  • Vatic Pro V7: Includes a custom padded paddle case with shoulder strap for storage and transport.
  • CRBN 1X 16 mm: Comes with a premium polyethylene hard case with molded handle for protection.

The CRBN pulls ahead again in features due to the wider grip size options, advanced construction materials, and included hard case. But both provide high quality grips and protective paddle cases.

Paddle Price

The price of a paddle is often a deciding factor for players when making comparisons. Here is the pricing for each model:

The Vatic Pro V7 is significantly more affordable at about $99. In contrast, the CRBN 1X 16 mm costs over $100. The CRBN’s premium carbon fiber construction accounts for the steep price tag, while the Vatic delivers strong performance and quality at a budget-friendly price.

Again, it comes down to your needs and budget. If you want professional-level performance and don’t mind paying more, go for the CRBN. But the Vatic gives you 85% of that performance at less than half the cost.

Pros and Cons Comparison

Vatic Pro V7


  • Outstanding control and feel from 7-ply wood core
  • Good spin potential from textured surface
  • Improved sweet spot from edgeless design
  • Lightweight at 8.0 oz
  • Excellent value under $100


CRBN 1X 16 mm


  • Incredible power from 16 mm carbon fiber face
  • Great touch and feel with vibration damping
  • Expanded sweet spot provides forgiveness
  • Grip size options accommodate all hand sizes
  • Premium construction for maximum durability


  • Much more expensive at over $150
  • Carbon fiber can feel “stiff” to some players

Both paddles have their own unique advantages. The decision comes down to if the performance gains of the CRBN are worth the higher price tag compared to the value offered by the Vatic.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions players have about the Vatic Pro V7 vs the CRBN 1X 16 mm:

Which paddle is better for beginners?

The Vatic Pro V7 is better for beginners. Its control, feel, and forgiveness makes it easier to learn proper technique. It also costs much less than the CRBN.

Which paddle produces more spin?

Both paddles can generate heavy topspin and slice thanks to their textured paddle faces. The Vatic may produce slightly more spin due to its wood core flex adding extra “bite” on the ball.

Is the CRBN 1X 16 mm worth the extra cost?

For competitive and aspiring tournament players, the CRBN is likely worth it. But for casual or recreational play, the Vatic provides fantastic performance and value. It depends on your skill level.

What grip sizes are available on each paddle?

The Vatic Pro V7 comes only in a 5.3″ circumference, while the CRBN 1X is offered in both 5.5″ grip sizes.

Which paddle is better for control?

The Vatic Pro V7 takes the edge for control due to its 7-ply wood core. But the CRBN 1X still provides impressive touch on shots.

Can these paddles be used for pickleball doubles?

Yes, both the Vatic and CRBN paddles perform very well for doubles play. Their blend of power, control, and forgiveness makes them ideal for teams.

Vatic Pro V7 vs CRBN 1X 16 mm - Which Paddle Would You Choose?

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