Where to Rent Pickleball Paddles

Looking to try out pickleball but not ready to buy your own gear yet? Renting paddles can be a great way to get familiar with the sport before fully committing. We’ll cover the top places to rent pickleball paddles, key things to consider when renting, frequently asked questions, and tips to have the best rental experience possible!

Renting a paddle for your first games is a smart money move. You can test out the sport without dropping $50-150+ on a paddle you may not use often. 

Below are the top 3 places to rent pickleball paddles, from dedicated pickleball retailers to broad sporting goods stores. 

Where to Rent Pickleball Paddles

1. Local Pickleball Retailers

Specialized pickleball retailers likely offer the best paddle rental experience. They have a wide selection of paddle types and sizes for any player level or preference. Staff are often very knowledgeable on gear as well.

Retailers like these frequently rent paddles:

Before visiting, call your local retailers to ask about:

  • 👉 Rental prices (often $5-10 per session)
  • 👉 What paddle models they have available
  • 👉 If reservations are needed or walk-ins allowed.

Beyond that, many major pickleball retailers also offer generous “demo” programs where you can take paddles home for 1-3 weeks risk free. Pickleball Central lets you trial paddles on court with no commitment to buy. Several top brands also have 30-day no questions asked return policies as you’re finding your perfect match. 

Do some research to clarify specifics by company, but many stand behind their gear enough to let you effectively “rent” numerous models over longer terms this way. Between public court loans and official demos, you’ve got many ways to discover your paddle soulmate before paying full price.

Where to Rent Pickleball Paddles

2. Direct from Other Players

One great option to try paddles is to visit popular pickleball locations and ask players if they’ll let you test out their gear. Head to busy public courts like Green Lake, Shoreview, or Bitter Lake and see if some friendly competitors will loan you their paddle for a few practice hits.

You may be able to rent a quality used paddle directly from other pickleballers in your area. Check apps and sites like these:

  • Craigslist – Search “pickleball paddle” under For Sale or Sporting Goods sections
  • Facebook Marketplace – Filter for sporting goods > paddle sports
  • Nextdoor – Post an ISO (in search of) request for paddle rentals
  • OfferUp – Search for “pickleball paddle” and filter by Newest

Renting secondhand can save money while still getting good equipment. Just inspect gear closely upon meeting and clarify any usage terms like security deposits.

3. Pickleball Clubs / Groups

Joining a local pickleball meetup group or league is a fantastic way to improve as a new player. Many will have club-owned paddles for members to use or rent inexpensively.

Browse groups on sites like Meetup or Facebook to connect with ones near you.

Now that you know the top places to rent paddles from, let’s go over key considerations for having the best rental experience…

Key Pickleball Paddle Rental Tips

Follow these tips when renting pickleball paddles:

  • Reserve early – Call ahead for availability instead of just showing up
  • Know your skill level – This helps staff recommend the right paddle types
  • Clarify costs – Ask if rental fees can go towards buying a paddle later
  • Read contracts – Understand all terms, damages policies, deposit details etc.
  • Inspect carefully – Check for cracks, chips, loose grips before accepting gear
  • Learn proper form – Lessons often available, ensure you use paddles safely
  • Have fun! – Don’t overthink it, renting lets you securely try pickleball out

Here is more context around some key rental best practices:

Reserve or call ahead when possible

Demand for pickleball gear keeps rising. Popular shops or community courts may be fully booked if you just show up hoping to rent.

Avoid disappointment by phoning rental facilities first to check:

  • If paddles are available your needed dates/times
  • How far in advance reservations are recommended
  • When the slowest rental periods normally are

Calling only takes a minute and gives you confidence they’ll have rentals ready upon arrival.

Share your beginner skill level

Letting staff know you’re just starting out helps them select appropriate paddle sizes, shapes, weights and materials. As a newbie, midweight composite paddles around 7.2-7.8 ounces with a wider face shape typically work best.

Don’t be shy sharing your ability, retailers want to set you up for success and enjoyment of their sport!

Ask if rental fees apply to purchases

Many shops will put some or all of your rental dollars towards buying a paddle if you love playing and want to upgrade to your own later.

For example, Pickleball Central applies 100% of your initial rental fee as credit towards a paddle purchase when you return to buy one.

Finding this out upfront makes deciding to rent rather than buy outright less stressful.

Carefully inspect gear before accepting

Don’t be afraid to thoroughly check paddle condition before heading to the courts. Look for:

  • Cracks, chips, or holes in the paddle face
  • Loose, falling off, or missing grip tape
  • Major warping or bends throughout the body

Also give a practice swing to ensure adequate grip and comfortable weight in hand.

Speaking up about any damage or concerns right away prevents you from being liable for pre-existing issues when returning the rental.

Now that you know where to rent paddles and key tips for an awesome rental experience, let’s go over some common questions…

Frequently Asked Pickleball Paddle Rental Questions

Can I rent a pickleball paddle as a beginner?

Absolutely! Renting is an ideal way to first try pickleball before committing to buying gear that may go unused after a few initial games. Beginner paddles like the Selkirk Sport 20P are extremely common at most rental facilities too.

What stats should I look for in a rental paddle?

For new players, a midweight (7.0 – 8.0 oz) composite or polymer paddle with a wider face shape around 15-16 inches will give you good control, power and forgiveness as you’re learning. More advanced players may prefer heavier graphite paddles with smaller faces for added speed and spin.

Can I customize or adjust rental paddles at all?

Unfortunately most rental paddles cannot be modified. Facilities need to keep costs down and standardize gear across all players. That said, staff should absolutely help fit you with the optimal size and grip type for your height and hand measurements. Share any sizing concerns upfront!

What if I damage a rental paddle?

First, accidents happen! Let staff know immediately if you crack, chip or significantly scratch a rental paddle. Many shops have affordable damage repair or replacement fees clearly listed in all contracts, usually $25-50. Avoid trying to hide any issues when returning as places charge the full paddle retail rate if unreported.

Can I take rental paddles off premises or out of town?

Policies vary greatly by facility here. Some only allow court-side rentals during your timed session while others permit taking gear off site for several days with authorization. Carefully clarify beforehand if you must return paddles somewhere directly after playing or have flexibility traveling with rentals. Deposits often apply for off-site usage as well.

Hopefully these tips give you confidence to conveniently rent pickleball gear as you’re getting started. Let’s wrap up with 5 key takeaways:

Pickleball Paddle Rental – 5 Key Takeaways

  • Specialty retailers offer widest paddle selection but check major chains too
  • Reserve ahead when possible to ensure paddle availability
  • Inspect thoroughly for any chips, cracks or grip concerns before play
  • Ask if rental fees can go towards a future paddle purchase!
  • Have fun testing different paddles out as you safely learn proper technique

Renting gear removes the pressure as you get introduced to this super fun paddle sport. With quality equipment secured, you can focus on proper form, strategy and meeting other exciting beginner players nearby!

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