Ben Johns Net Worth and Biography

Ben Johns is a professional pickleball player who has taken the sport by storm.

DoB: March 18, 1999

Age: 24 Years

Height: 6′ 1″ (185 cm)

Hometown: Laytonsville, Maryland

Education: University of Maryland

Plays: Right Handed

Paddle: Joola Hyperion CFS 16mm

Ben Johns

Meet Ben Johns

Ben Johns is the greatest pickleball player till now, as considered by many. He grew up in Laytonsville, Maryland, and lives in Austin, Texas. Ben’s brother Collin is also a pickleball player and his partner in doubles pro. His sister, Hannah, works as a sideline pickleball reporter.

Apart from being great in pickleball, Ben completed his graduation from the University of Maryland in Materials Science and engineering. John has a long list of other hobbies, which include weightlifting, reading, traveling, chess, golf, table tennis, and spikeball.

Pickleball is an unsolved sport. Everyone is adding new shots and strategies all the time. That’s what makes it a lot of fun.

Ben Johns


Ben has a tremendous record in pickleball history and more to come from his side.

US Open Pickleball Championships

Ben has won several medals at US Open Pickleball Championships since 2017.


  • Gold Medal in men’s singles
  • Gold Medal in men’s double
  • Gold Medal in mixed doubles


  • Gold Medal in men’s singles
  • Gold Medal in men’s double
  • Gold Medal in mixed doubles


  • Silver Medal in men’s singles
  • Gold Medal in men’s double


  • Bronze Medal in men’s singles
  • Bronze Medal in mixed doubles


  • Gold Medal in men’s singles
  • Bronze Medal in mixed doubles

Adding to US Open Pickleball Championships, Ben has various other records to his name, which are following:

  • More than 80 PPA Titles to his name (Till Now)
  • 108 Match Winning Streak in Singles
  • 9 PPA Tour triple crowns

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Ben Johns make?

According to the NML Pickleball survey, Ben Johns made about $115K in 2022 from prizes. He also earns from different sponsorships.

How old is Ben Johns?

Ben Johns is 24 Years old.

Why is Ben Johns so good at pickleball?

According to Ben, pickleball fell right into the “Goldilocks Zone.” Also, he practices a lot.

Who is Ben John’s partner?

Colling John, his brother, is his partner in men’s games. 

Who sponsors Ben Johns?

In April 2022, Ben made a sponsorship deal with JOOLA.

What is the net worth of Ben Johns, a pickleball player?

Ben’s estimated net worth from sports is about $1.5 million.

What paddles does Ben Johns use?

Ben John uses Joola Hyperion CFS 16mm.

How tall is Ben Johns?

Ben Johns is 6 feet 1 inch tall.

Are Ben Johns and Colin Johns brothers?

Yes, they are brothers, with Ben being the older sibling.

Are Ben and Hannah Johns related?

Yes, they are siblings; Ben is Hannah’s brother.

Is Ben Johns married?

No, Ben Johns is not married yet.

Our the youngest pickleball player, Anna Leigh Waters net worth?

I will gladly say that I’m a pickleball junkie.

Tyson McGuffin

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