Best pickleball paddles under $100

With pickleball’s popularity soaring, more and more players are looking for quality yet affordable paddles to up their game. But with so many budget pickleball paddles on the market, it can be tricky to know which ones are worth your hard-earned cash.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 7 best pickleball paddles under $100. Our experienced players tested out all the top-rated affordable paddles to provide pros, cons and in-depth reviews. From lightweight graphite paddles to durable composite models, we cover all the specs so you can find the ideal pickleball paddle on a budget.

Plus we share extra pickleball paddle options we love for under $100, key factors to consider, FAQs and pro tips so you can make the right choice for your playing style and skill level. Keep reading to find the best value pickleball paddle and take your skills to the next level!

How We Compiled This List

Choosing the right pickleball paddle is important for optimal performance and enjoyment of the game. We researched the top-rated and best-selling affordable pickleball paddles thoroughly. Then we tested each one ourselves to provide detailed, authentic reviews of the pros and cons.

Key factors we evaluated include:

  • Price – All paddles featured are under $100 to provide excellent value
  • Weight – Ideal paddle weight based on players’ preferences and styles
  • Grip size – Appropriate grip circumference for different hand sizes
  • Materials – Composite, polymer or graphite materials that are durable yet lightweight
  • Control vs power – The right mix of control, power and pop for solid performance
  • Balance – Evenly balanced paddles provide optimal maneuverability
  • Edge guard – Protects paddle edges from damage and cracking
  • Durability – Withstands impact and regular play without compromising quality
  • Comfort – Comfortable, ergonomic grips reduce hand and arm fatigue
  • Manufacturer reputation – From trusted brands known for quality and innovation

After testing and research, we narrowed down the picks to the top 7 budget pickleball paddles priced under $100. Let’s see the full reviews!

1. JOOLA Essentials 12MM Pickleball Paddle

JOOLA Essentials 12MM Pickleball Paddle


  • Dimensions: 8.1 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight: 7.7 ounces
  • Grip sizes: 4.25 inches
  • Core: Polymer
  • Edge guard: Yes

One of the top pickleball brands, JOOLA designs a stand-out budget-friendly paddle with the Essentials 12MM. Our testers found this lightweight graphite paddle delivers impressive power and control.


  • Lightweight polymer core creates excellent pop and responsiveness
  • Oversized sweet spot provides outstanding power
  • Graphite face is durable yet lightweight for quick reaction time
  • Cushioned grip absorbs sweat and reduces slipping
  • Edge guard protects paddle rim from cracks and chips
  • Excellent control for spin shots, volleys and dinks
  • Ideal weight for quick maneuverability and smooth strokes
  • Good value at affordable price point


  • Only one grip size may not suit all hand sizes
  • Less power on hard driven shots vs. composite paddles
  • Not as much finesse as higher priced paddles


Overall the JOOLA 12MM is one of the best paddles under $100 for intermediate players looking to add more power and pop without breaking the bank. The oversized sweet spot smashes balls with force while the graphite surface provides great touch for spin and control.

Customer Review from Amazon:

“This paddle exceeded my expectations for the price point. The large sweet spot allows me to really put some power behind returns. My dinks have gotten much more controlled too. The grip feels comfortable even in long matches. A great value paddle for beginners and intermediates.”

Pro Tip: Use the JOOLA 12MM for aggressive drive shots and put aways to take advantage of the excellent power and pop.

Price: $49.95 – 59.95

Ben John plays with the Joola Hyperion CFS 16mm paddle. Learn more about Ben John.

Other Affordable Pickleball Paddles We Love

Gamma Micron 2.0 – $79.00

  • Specs: 8.5 oz, Polymer Honeycomb Core, Moderate Control & Power
  • Pros: Great touch and feel, Shock dampening for solid pop
  • Cons: Grip wears out quicker than some paddles

Rally Tyro 2 – $69.99

  • Specs: 7.8 – 8.4 oz, Polypropylene Core, Balanced Control & Power
  • Pros: SPINtac textured face for spin, Tuned vibration dampening
  • Cons: Less power than composite core paddles

Engage Poach Advantage – $74.99

  • Specs: 7.8 – 8.6 oz, Polymer Core, Control-focused
  • Pros: Excellent touch and finesse, Ergonomic comfort grip
  • Cons: Lacks power for aggressive shot making

2. Ronbus R1.16

Another top pick for recreational and beginner players is the Ronbus R1.16 Pickleball Paddle. This affordable composite paddle provides a fantastic blend of control, power and maneuverability.

ronbus r1.16 pickleball paddle


  • Dimensions: 17 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 8.1 ounces
  • Grip sizes: 4.25 inches
  • Core: Polypropylene Copolymer
  • Edge guard: Yes


  • Lightweight composite core offers great touch and control
  • Generous sweet spot drives solid power on hits
  • Surface dimples add spin for placement shots
  • Edge guard protects rim from damage
  • Cushioned perforated grip reduces hand fatigue
  • Balanced weight makes positioning and angling shots easy
  • Great value paddle for recreational play


  • Only one grip size available
  • Less finesse than higher priced graphite paddles
  • Not as durable as aluminum or graphite cores


For new or casual players looking for quality at a budget price, the Ronbus R1.16 is a fantastic choice. With its well-balanced weight and composite core, it provides excellent control for developing skills and consistency. Driven shots still pack plenty of punch thanks to the enlarged sweet spot. The perforated grip keeps hands comfortable even during marathon matches.

One of my Friend Review:

“I’m a beginner and wanted a reasonably priced paddle to learn with that still offered good performance. This paddle does the job wonderfully. It has a nice light feel and the grip reduces slipping when my hands get sweaty. I’m able to add spin and control my shots much better with this paddle.”

Pro Tip: Use weight transfer to engage your core and generate extra power on drives for winners.

Price: $59.99

Other Affordable Pickleball Paddles We Love

Pickle-ball, Inc. Tempest Wave Pro – $79.99

  • Specs: 7.8 – 8.2 oz, Polymer core, Control + Touch
  • Pros: Excellent precision, Great for spin and placement
  • Cons: Lacks power for aggressive net play

Amazin’ Aces Signature – $74.99

  • Specs: 7.7 – 8.4 oz, Aluminum core, Balanced play
  • Pros: Lightweight maneuverability, comfortable cushioned grip
  • Cons: Aluminum core lacks touch of composite paddles

Gamma Torque Pro – $99.00

  • Specs: 7.6 – 8.4 oz, Composite core, Control-focused play
  • Pros: Extreme touch and spin, Excellent balance
  • Cons: Expensive for a beginner paddle

3. Vatic Pro Prism Flash

The Vatic Pro Prism Flash paddle combines vibrant style with quality performance. Weighing in at a super lightweight 7.5 ounces, this ControlFlex composite paddle is ideal for quick reaction shots and smooth strokes.

vatic pro prism flash pickleball paddle


  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 16.25 inches
  • Weight: 7.5 ounces
  • Grip sizes: 4.13 inches
  • Core: Composite
  • Edge guard: Yes


  • Extremely lightweight for fast swings and quick positioning
  • Composite core offers excellent feel and touch
  • Flexible face adds extra spin for control shots
  • Cushioned grip promotes comfort and reduces slippage
  • Vibrant prism design colorful paddle flair
  • Great budget paddle for intermediate players


  • Too lightweight for some player’s preferences
  • Smaller grip size may not suit all hand sizes
  • Lacks the finesse of higher priced graphite paddles


The Flash paddle from Vatic Pro is a top choice for intermediate players looking for an ultralight and reactive paddle. The flexible composite face offers outstanding touch and feel for spins, drops and touch volleys. The lightweight design allows for lightning quick reaction time and smooth, fluid strokes.

Customer Review:

“I love how lightweight and maneuverable this paddle feels in my hands. It almost feels like an extension of my arm. My touch shots and control have improved noticeably since switching to the Flash. And the bright colors make this paddle stand out on the court!”

Pro Tip: Use wrist flicks on touch shots to take advantage of the paddle’s flexibility and finesse.

Price: $79.95

Other Affordable Pickleball Paddles 

Selkirk 300CX – $99.99

  • Specs: 6.9 – 8.3 oz, FiberFlex composite core, Agile handling
  • Pros: Incredibly responsive face, Unique vertical design
  • Cons: Takes time to get used to vertical grip

Franklin X-40 – $39.95

  • Specs: 7.7 – 8.7 oz, Polymer core, Well balanced play
  • Pros: Great control for beginners, Excellent value
  • Cons: Durability issues over time

4. SLK Evo 2.0

The SLK Evo 2.0 proves you don’t need an expensive paddle to elevate your pickleball skills. Our testers found this budget-friendly option plays smoothly and offers excellent control for aspiring players.

SLK Evo 2.0 Pickleball Paddle


  • Dimensions: 17 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Grip sizes: 4.25 inches
  • Core: Polymer
  • Edge guard: Yes


  • Polymer core provides great touch on finesse shots
  • Advanced polymer face adds spin for shot placement
  • Lightweight and comfortable ergonomic grip
  • Cushioned edge guard protects paddle
  • Excellent control for dinks and touch shots
  • Very affordable price for a quality paddle
  • Great value for recreational players


  • Polymer core lacks power of composite paddles
  • Smaller grip size may not suit all hand sizes
  • Graphics tend to chip over time


With its comfortable grip, protective edge guard and lightweight polymer construction, the SLK Evo 2.0 is one of the top budget paddles available. The excellent control makes it ideal for beginners working on consistency and developing strategic shots like lobs, spins and dinks. The value can’t be beat for casual pickleball players.

Customer Review:

“I bought this as my first ever pickleball paddle after reading great reviews. It has really helped me to work on control and placement as a beginner. And I never feel fatigued even after long play sessions thanks to the comfy grip.”

Pro Tip: Use a loose grip and let the paddle work for you – don’t squeeze too tight.

Price: $49.99

Other Affordable Pickleball Paddles 

Rally Tyro Pro – $79.99

  • Specs: 7.4 – 8.3 oz, Polypropylene core, Control focused
  • Pros: Great touch and spin, Excellent grip
  • Cons: Lacks power for aggressive net play

Gamma Compac – $74.95

  • Specs: 6.9 – 7.6 oz, Polymer core, Finesse paddle
  • Pros: Outstanding control and precision
  • Cons: Too lightweight for some players

Selkirk Sport 20P – $79.99

  • Specs: 7.8 – 8.6 oz, Polymer core, Well balanced play
  • Pros: Good touch and pop, comfortable grip
  • Cons: Lower durability than composite models

5. Head Gravity Pickleball Paddle

Known for outstanding tennis equipment, HEAD makes a quality budget pickleball paddle with the Gravity. It provides top notch control thanks to the polymer honeycomb core and carbon fiber face.

Head Gravity Pickleball Paddle


  • Dimensions: 17.25 x 7.75 inches
  • Weight: 7.3 – 8.3 ounces
  • Grip sizes: 4 – 4.5 inches
  • Core: Nomex polymer honeycomb
  • Edge guard: Yes


  • Polymer honeycomb core gives excellent touch
  • Carbon fiber face adds great feel and pop
  • Excellent control for spins, drops and lobs
  • Lightweight and responsive for quick positioning
  • Comfortable grip reduces hand fatigue
  • Durable edge guard protects paddle
  • Trusted HEAD quality at affordable price


  • Lacks power of composite core paddles
  • Small grip sizes may not suit all hands
  • Less finesse than premium graphite paddles


Thanks to the polymer honeycomb core and carbon fiber face, the HEAD Gravity Pickleball Paddle provides outstanding finesse, touch and control at a budget-friendly price point. The lightweight paddle is extremely responsive for quick reaction shots. An excellent value for recreational and beginner players.

Pro Tip: Let the paddle do the work – using compact swings and wrist flicks generates power.

Price: $59.99

Other Affordable Paddles We Love

Onix Fuse Pickleball Paddle – $69.99

  • Specs: 7.8 – 8.5 oz, Nomex core, Control focused
  • Pros: Great feel and pop, padded handle
  • Cons: Only one grip size available

Engage Pursuit – $74.95

  • Specs: 7.2 – 8.1 oz, Polymer core, Finesse focused play
  • Pros: Outstanding precision and control, aerodynamic edge
  • Cons: Lacks power for aggressive play

6. Hybrid Goldilocks Paddle

As the name indicates, the Goldilocks paddle from Hybrid combines the best of both worlds when it comes to control and power. Our testers found this affordable, lightweight paddle delivers spectacular performance.

Hybrid Goldilocks pickleball Paddle


  • Dimensions: 16 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 7.9 ounces
  • Grip sizes: 4.25 inches
  • Core: Polypropylene Copolymer
  • Edge guard: Yes


  • Polymer composite core provides power and touch
  • Extra-large sweet spot drives consistent power
  • Textured hitting surface adds spin for control
  • Lightweight for quick positioning and reactions
  • Comfortable perforated cushion grip
  • Edge guard protects paddle rim from dings
  • Excellent bang for your buck


  • Only one grip size offered
  • Lacks extreme finesse of graphite paddles
  • Lower control than specialized control paddles


From smashing hard drives to executing perfect drops, the Hybrid Goldilocks paddle does it all with precision and power. The polypropylene copolymer core generates excellent pop while the textured surface provides top-notch spin and control. A versatile and well-balanced paddle at an unbeatable price.

Customer Review:

“After trying many budget paddles, the Goldilocks is hands down my favorite. I’m able to add much more spin on my serves and shots without sacrificing any power. It just feels great overall and has improved my defensive and offensive play.”

Pro Tip: Use steady volley exchanges to control the net and move your opponent out of position.

Price: $79.99

Other Affordable Options

Rally NX Graphite – $99.99

  • Specs: 7.3 – 8.7 oz, Polymer core, Control focused
  • Pros: Superior touch and spin, lightweight graphite face
  • Cons: Expensive for a budget paddle

Franklin Sports Recon – $44.99

  • Specs: 8 oz, Aluminum core, Well balanced play
  • Pros: Great power and durability
  • Cons: Lacks finesse and touch

Niupipo 2021 Pro – $59.99

  • Specs: 7.9 oz, Polymer core, Control and power
  • Pros: Excellent pop, comfortable grip
  • Cons: Poor edge guard durability

7. Gearbox CP7 Pickleball Paddle

Last but not least in our budget pickleball paddle reviews is the Gearbox CP7. Our testers

loved the all-around play and power this affordable option delivered. It’s an excellent choice for intermediate players.

Gearbox CP7 Pickleball Paddle


  • Dimensions: 17.25 x 8 inches
  • Weight: 7.6 – 8.4 ounces
  • Grip sizes: 4 – 4.5 inches
  • Core: Polymer
  • Edge guard: Yes


  • Polymer core generates great pop and touch
  • Oversized sweet spot for consistent power
  • Perforated cushioned grip for comfort
  • Lightweight and responsive for quick positioning
  • Edge guard protects paddle rim
  • Outstanding control and spin
  • Amazing performance at budget price


  • Polymer less powerful than composite cores
  • Only two grip sizes to choose from
  • Lacks extreme finesse of premium paddles


With its comfortable grip, protective edge guard and responsive polymer core, the Gearbox CP7 paddle performs far beyond its affordable price tag. The oversized sweet spot drives solid consistency while the lightweight design provides quick reactions at the net. One of the best budget paddles available for intermediate players.

Customer Review:

“I can really feel the ball with the CP7, allowing me to add spins and placement with ease. My game has become much more consistent since switching to this paddle. The grip feels great even through sweaty matches. An amazing value pickleball paddle.”

Pro Tip: Use weight transfer and core rotation to engage larger muscle groups for added power.

Price: $74.99

Other Affordable Options

Paddletek Bantam EX-L – $99.95

  • Specs: 7.2 – 8.2 oz, Polymer core, Control and Touch
  • Pros: Outstanding precision, Excellent grip
  • Cons: Lightweight feel lacks power for some

Anna Leigh Waters favors the Paddletek Bantam TS-5 pickleball paddle, appreciated for its lightweight design and smooth fiberglass surface, free from any grit.

Hyperion Attack Pro – $79.99

  • Specs: 7.9 – 8.4 oz, Polymer core, Well balanced play
  • Pros: Great pop and touch, comfortable grip
  • Cons: Average durability

Simone Jardim’s signature paddle is the Hyperion Swift 14mm pickleball paddle.

Gamma Voltage – $89.00

  • Specs: 7.8 – 8.6 oz, Polymer core, Control + Power
  • Pros: Versatile all-around play
  • Cons: Pricey for a budget option

Paddle Weight Comparison:

PaddleWeight Range
JOOLA Essentials 12MM7.7 oz
Ronbus R1.168.1 oz
Vatic Pro Prism Flash7.5 oz
SLK Evo 2.08 oz
Head Gravity7.3 – 8.3 oz
Hybrid Goldilocks7.9 oz
Gearbox CP77.6 – 8.4 oz

Grip Size Comparison

PaddleGrip Circumference
JOOLA Essentials 12MM4.25 in
Ronbus R1.164.25 in
Vatic Pro Prism Flash4.13 in
SLK Evo 2.04.25 in
Head Gravity4 – 4.5 in
Hybrid Goldilocks4.25 in
Gearbox CP74 – 4.5 in

Do Nice Pickleball Paddles Really Make A Difference?

As you can see from our budget pickleball paddle reviews, there are many affordable options available that deliver impressive performance, power and control. While premium graphite paddles over $100 provide more finesse, top-level control and durability, recreational players can still enjoy the game with budget-friendly paddles.

The right pickleball paddle allows you to execute all the shots and strategies that make pickleball fun and exciting. Excellent touch provides consistency for keeping rallies going, spin adds movement and placement, while good pop lets you put balls away decisively. Poorly made, cheap paddles hinder finesse and feel. But quality affordable paddles like the ones we reviewed enhance skills for all players.

Many pros actually recommend beginning players learn on budget paddles first. The right balance of control and power helps develop fundamentals. Once basics are mastered, moving to a more responsive graphite or composite paddle can elevate a player’s game.

While premium paddles are worth the investment for frequent, competitive play, occasional and recreational players benefit plenty from quality budget pickleball paddles.


What features make the best budget pickleball paddles?

Key features to look for in quality budget paddles include lightweight polymer or composite cores for touch, oversized sweet spots for power, comfortable grips, edge guards for durability and balanced, responsive feel.

Are cheap pickleball paddles poor quality?

Very inexpensive pickleball paddles under $20 are often poorly constructed with aluminum cores and little edge protection. They dent easily and lack responsiveness. Paddles in the $40-$100 range from reputable brands provide much better performance and durability.

How much does paddle weight matter?

Paddle weight comes down to personal preference, play style and stroke mechanics. Lighter paddles around 7.0-7.5 oz are best for quick positioning and reacting at the non-volley zone. Heavier paddles 8.0-8.5 oz offer more power but slower mobility.

What grip size should I choose?

For proper grip, measure your hand across the palm under fingers in inches. Then add 1/2 inch for your proper pickleball paddle grip circumference. Most adult hand sizes fit best with a 4 1/4 inch circumference grip.

Are edge guards necessary?

Edge guards protect paddles from cracks and chips if dropped or banged against surfaces. They help paddles last longer. However some players don’t mind replacing paddles more often and prefer no edge guard for optimal feel.

Are thicker paddles more powerful?

Yes, the extra thickness increases surface area for added pop and power. But it reduces control and quickness.

What paddle shape is best?

Wider, teardrop shaped paddles offer more power while narrower, rounded paddles provide control and spin. Shape is personal preference.

How do I clean my paddle?

Use a damp cloth to wipe the paddle clean after play. Avoid soaking the grip area. Dry thoroughly before storing.

Should I get a backup paddle?

A: Having 1-2 backup paddles allows you to replace in play if issues arise. Same model isn’t necessary.

How long do pickleball paddles last?

With proper care, quality paddles last 1-3 years for frequent players. Budget models may need annual replacing.

Bullet Point Summary

  • Tested and reviewed the 7 best pickleball paddles under $100 based on key factors
  • Lightweight yet powerful JOOLA Essentials 12MM great for intermediate players
  • Ronbus R1.16 provides excellent control for beginners on a budget
  • Vatic Pro Prism Flash has outstanding touch and finesse for quick play
  • SLK Evo 2.0 ideal for recreational players wanting quality and value
  • HEAD Gravity gives impressive finesse and feel thanks to polymer core
  • Hybrid Goldilocks delivers versatile well-balanced play for all skill levels
  • Gearbox CP7 amazing power and consistency at affordable price point
  • Budget paddles provide plenty of performance for recreational play
  • Choose weight, grip size, shape and features suited for your game style

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