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Ready to level up your pickleball game, ladies? Well, it’s time to think about your shoes! Choosing the right pair can keep you comfy, steady, and injury-free on the court. 

But hold on! There are so many choices out there. How do you even start figuring it out? What things should you look for? And which shoes are really great at supporting women’s feet and making you play even better?

Check out the best pickleball shoes that suit you  and learn all you need to know to choose the perfect pair. Let’s say goodbye to old tennis shoes and wear comfy pickleball shoes.

10 Best Pickleball Shoes for Women in 2024

Here are the top-rated pickleball shoes recommended by players:

1. ASICS GEL-RENMA Women’s Pickleball Shoes – Best for Stability

I recently got my hands on the ASICS GEL-RENMA Women’s Pickleball Shoes, and let me tell you, they are a game-changer on the court. If stability is your priority, these shoes do the job well, and I’m excited to share my thoughts on why they’ve become my go-to footwear for pickleball.

ASICS GEL-RENMA Women's Pickleball Shoes

What Caught My Eye:

List Price: $79 to $85.00

Stability That Stands Out: 

The TRUSSTIC technology they have isn’t just a fancy word – it means they keep you really steady. The wrap-up outsole and wider gauge give me movements that are not only smoother but also incredibly well-balanced. No awkward wobbles here, just feeling sure and confident with every step I take.

Built to Last: 

One thing I appreciate in any sports shoe is durability, and these don’t disappoint. The synthetic leather overlays aren’t just for show; they add a robust layer of protection, ensuring these shoes can handle the intensity of pickleball without showing signs of wear and tear.

Move Freely with Flexibility: 

What surprised me the most is the flexibility these shoes offer. The strategic placement of flex grooves in the outsole means I can make multidirectional moves on the court without feeling restricted. It’s like these shoes anticipate my next step.

Environmental Impact:

Beyond performance, these shoes make a positive impact on the environment. The solution to dye sockliner isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a real effort to reduce water usage by about 33% and carbon emissions by around 45%. It feels good to make a conscious choice for the environment.


  • Stability and Comfort: The TRUSSTIC technology and thoughtful design make these shoes a dream to wear on the court. No more worrying about stability during those important plays.
  • Color Choices:  Five different color combos mean I can express my style while dominating on the court.

Cons, But Still Worth It

  • Toe Area Sizing: I did notice that the toe area is a bit narrow. It’s worth trying them on or considering sizing up if you have wider feet.
  • Width Options: Unfortunately, these shoes don’t come in wide-width sizes, which might be a drawback for those with broader feet.

2.K-Swiss Women’s Express Light Pickleball Shoes – Best Overall

If you’re gearing up to conquer the pickleball court, let me share my excitement about the K-Swiss Express Light Pickleball Shoes for Women. These shoes are at the top of my list for one simple reason – they combine unbeatable comfort with stylish design.

K-Swiss Women's Express Light Pickleball Shoes

List Price: $87.45 – $110.00

Comfort Fit for Supreme Stability:

Every move on the court feels supported with these shoes. The plantar support is boosting stability with every step. And can we talk about the wide toe box? It’s a dream for those of us with wider feet, ensuring a fit that’s not only snug but seriously comfortable. Perfect for the quick movements that define pickleball.

Style Choices Galore:

Let’s talk about style! With Four vibrant colors to pick from, these shoes let you showcase your personality on the court. Whether you’re into classic hues or something more daring, the K-Swiss Express Light Pickleball Shoes have got the range.

Built Tough for the Game:

Crafted with DURAWRAP and DRAGGUARD technology, these shoes are like armor for your feet. They stand up to toe-dragging and wear and tear like a champ. The rubber soles are built for hard and clay courts, promising durability and good performance.

Pros (from My Experience):

  • Comfortable to wear.
  • A godsend for wider feet like mine.
  • Four colors to match my mood.
  • Finding my perfect size with the wide and half-size options.

Cons (Let’s Keep It Real):

  • Sizing can be a bit tricky, so it might be worth trying before buying.
  • The shoelaces are a tad short for some of us who like to double-knot.

Sole Material:

Rubber for durability on various court surfaces.

Outer Material:

Faux leather for a sleek and stylish appearance.

3.Skechers Women’s Viper Court Pickleball Shoes – Best Arch Support

Skechers Women's Go Train Arch Fit Viper Court-Pickleball Sneaker

List Price: $89.95 – $94.95

Introducing the Skechers Viper Court Pickleball Shoes for Women, a versatile footwear choice that goes beyond the pickleball court. These shoes are not just limited to the game but are perfect companions for travel, work, walking, various sports, and exercise routines. You can choose from Six cool (including pink/white, black, and gray) and stylish colors. This way, you get a good mix of looking nice and playing safely.

Made with really good rubber soles, these shoes give you a strong grip, whether you’re inside or outside. You can get them in sizes from 5 to 11, including half sizes, so you can find the perfect fit. The mesh on top lets air flow through, keeping you cool while you jog or play volleyball. The tongue and collar are cushioned, making these shoes really comfy. They’re great to wear all year round!


  • Excellent arch support with Skechers Arch Fit insoles
  • Durable for long-term use
  • Reliable traction and stability for indoor and outdoor activities


  • Some users find them too narrow, so consider sizing up.

In summary, the Skechers Viper Court Pickleball Shoes offer a stylish, versatile, and comfortable option for various activities, with a focus on durability and support.

4.WILSON Women’s Rush Pro Ace Pickler Sneaker

The Wilson Rush Pro Ace Pickler Women’s Pickleball Shoe provides excellent comfort on the court. Wilson crafted these shoes specifically for female players. The design provides excellent stability to support quick side-to-side motions and sudden stops during intense play. These shoes come in stylish color combos to fit your personality. The trendy three-tone look also adds style to any match. Available in wide sizing too for a customized fit.

WILSON Women's Rush Pro Ace Pickler Sneaker

List Price: $81.30 – $99.00

Key features include:

  • 4D Chassis for superior stability and control when pivoting
  • Cushioning in the heel absorbs shock
  • Rubber pad on bottom protects against wear and tear
  • Wide shape fits broader feet comfortably
  • Traction rubber outsole grips any court surface

Overall, the Rush Pro Ace combines smart design with premium materials to meet the demands of the sport. Players appreciate the extra stability and cushioning that allows them to play their best pickleball. 


  • Excellent stability for powerful strokes
  • Comfortable fit for most users
  • Provides excellent support and comfort during play.


  • Mixed opinions on fit, with some customers finding the shoes run large.

5.FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes for Women – Best for Wide Feet

FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes for Women

List Price: $68.90

Sick of Squishing Your Toes Into Narrow Pickleball Shoes? Your Wide-Foot Woes End Here! 

Jamming your wide feet into narrow pickleball shoes is straight-up painful. 😣 With every quick lateral shuffle and pivot, it’s toe-crushing suffering! But shoe companies finally woke up – enter FitVille’s game-changing Wide Pickleball Shoes for Women! 

These kicks are specially designed for extra spaciousness and support right where you need it most! We’re talking toe boxes so roomy you can wiggle those little piggies with joy. Plenty of width options too, from Wide to X-Wide, so you CAN have cute shoes that actually fit! The breathable knit upper keeps feet feeling ahhh while the cushioned foam midsole absorbs shock as you dash around the court. 

Say bye-bye to pickleball shoe headaches and slip your feet into the comfort zone!


Exceptional arch and ankle support for stability on the court.

Wide and extra-wide size options ensure a comfortable fit.

Breathable and odor-resistant materials keep feet cool and fresh.


Sizing may vary across colors, requiring attention during selection.

Some users may find the microfiber and mesh upper slightly stiff.


FitVille Wide Pickleball Shoes for Women: Stylish, breathable, and supportive footwear designed for wider feet, offering a perfect balance of comfort and agility on the court.

 6.Babolat Women’s Jet Tere All Court Shoes – Lightweight

Babolat Women’s Jet Tere All Court Shoes

List Price: $64.97 – $85.72

Get ready for a top-notch experience with the Babolat Jet Tere All Court Shoes! These shoes are super cool and comfy for playing on the court. They have a special mesh on top, a roomy toe area, and extra support for your heels to keep you feeling good while you play.

But that’s not all – these shoes come in awesome colors that show off your style and bring a burst of energy to your game!

What makes these shoes even more awesome is the KPRS-X system that takes care of your heels during matches and training. There’s a special foam under your heel that protects you from shocks, making your playing time even more enjoyable. And guess what? The sole of these shoes, made with help from Michelin, super strong, lasts a long time, and gives you the best grip for all kinds of court sports. Game on!


  • Comfortable insole with foam for a personalized fit.
  • Breathable mesh upper for enhanced ventilation.
  • Spacious toe box and added heel support for comfort and stability.
  • Lightweight design at 9.6 ounces for agility on the court.
  • KPRS-X system for effective heel impact protection.


  • Tends to run small; it is advisable to go up by half or a full size for the best fit.

In conclusion, the Babolat Women’s Jet Tere All Court Shoes offer a winning combination of style and performance, making them an excellent choice for court lovers.

7.Condromly Women’s Pickleball Shoes 

Condromly Women's Pickleball Shoes 

Price: $49.99

Condromly Women’s Pickleball Shoes took eight whole years to create, with lots of careful thinking and testing. They’ve got a special sole that keeps you from slipping and ensures super comfy workouts. The top part is a mix of breezy mesh and pretend leather, making them light and comfy. Plus, there’s extra sponge inside for an even cozier feel. And guess what? They come in cool colors, and anyone, whether you’re a guy or a girl, can find the right size from 5 to 12. These shoes are not just stylish; they are also perfect for playing inside or outside!


  • Excellent floor grip for stability during activities.
  • Comfortable for extended wear with breathable material design.
  • Stylish appearance with six vivid color options.
  • Lightweight padding reduces shoe weight and minimizes foot burden.
  • Available in unisex sizes 5 to 12.


  • Not completely waterproof, limiting use in wet conditions. 
  • Initial plastic odor, which may require some airing out.

Customers appreciate the stylish look and lightweight design but have varying opinions on aspects like quality, arch support, comfort, and fit.

In Summary, They have a cool design and useful features that give you great grip on the floor, comfy for all-day wear, and breathable material. Even though they’re not waterproof, but still stand out for their overall performance. 

8.Avia Verge Women’s Sneakers – Versatile Athletic Shoes for Comfort and Style

Avia Verge Women's Sneakers - Versatile Athletic Shoes for Comfort and Style

Price Range: $27.98 – $54.64

Avia Verge Women’s Sneakers can be a good option for active women. They are comfy and last long, perfect for walking, traveling, playing tennis, and everyday use. The shoes have a special memory foam insole you can take out, so it feels just right for you. They come in wide sizes for all kinds of feet. These sneakers support your feet well with Avia’s Cantilever Technology, which helps absorb shocks. That makes them good for sports like tennis and pickleball. The sneakers are light and stylish, perfect for wearing all day. They’re also good for jobs where you need comfy and wide shoes.


  • Stylish and Lightweight suitable for walking and everyday activities
  • Multi-Sport Functionality


  • Limited cushioning and arch support
  • Lack of insulation, leading to cold feet

9. New Balance Women’s FuelCell 996 V5 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

New Balance Women's FuelCell 996 V5 Hard Court Tennis Shoe

Price: $133.60 – $134.95

Step onto the court with confidence in the New Balance Women’s FuelCell 996 V5 Tennis Shoe. These shoes are like your secret weapon for playing better!

Imagine a bouncy, springy feel that helps you move faster on the hard court – that’s the magic of FuelCell foam. It’s like having a little boost in every step!

And guess what? These shoes are tough! The NDurance rubber outsole is like armor for your shoes, making them super durable. So, you can play game after game without worrying about your shoes giving up on you.

But that’s not all – they’ve got extra support on the sides to keep you steady when you’re making those quick moves. Plus, there’s PU support for extra durability – these shoes are built to last.

And let’s talk about looks – they’re not just performance machines; they’ve got style too! The synthetic/mesh design is not only cool but also keeps your feet comfy.

So, if you’re a modern athlete who wants both performance and style, these shoes are your perfect match. Get ready to own the court! 


  • Comfortable fit with a wide toe box
  • Provides excellent stability during movement
  • Stylish design with a variety of color options
  • Durable construction ensures long-lasting wear


  • Not water-resistant, may not be suitable for wet conditions

My Favorite Pick

When it comes to playing pickleball, I have two favorite shoes that I really like:

K-Swiss Women’s Express 

K-Swiss Women’s Express  are my top choice because they are super comfy. The soft EVA midsole and DuraWrap protection make my feet feel great when I’m playing!


I love ASICS Gel-Renma shoes for stability. The special heel counter keeps me steady, and the Gel units absorb shock, which keeps my ankles and knees feeling good.

So, in summary, I go for K-Swiss when I want that comfy feel, and ASICS when I need total stability.  Try them out and feel the difference on the court! Why wait? Your perfect shoes are ready for action!

How to Choose the Best Pickleball Shoes for Women

Picking the right pickleball shoes is key to staying comfortable and performing your best on the court. Here’s what to look for when selecting women’s pickleball shoes for this fast-paced sport:

Get the Proper Size

Measure feet at the end of day when slightly swollen and compare to brand sizing charts. Shoes should fit snugly without pinching. Pickleball involves quick starts/stops – leave a finger width of space at end of toes to prevent jamming. Consider sizing up 1⁄2 size to accommodate swelling during play.


Choose lightweight shoes usually between 8-10 ounces. Avoid heavy models that can cause fatigue. Look for materials like mesh, synthetics and thin leather in the upper. Synthetic leather or mesh uppers keep shoes light. A low-profile outsole also minimizes weight. Moving quickly is important in pickleball, so a lightweight shoe is ideal. 


The outsole needs to grip the court well, especially for those quick starts and stops. On indoor courts, a solid gum rubber outsole works best. Outdoor shoes need deeper treads, like a herringbone pattern. The smoother the court, the more traction needed.

Toe Box

A wider toe box prevents irritation and blisters fro forceful lateral motions. To allow the foot room to move comfortably, choose shoes with a wide or rounded toe box.


The constant stops, starts and lunges of pickleball put stress on feet and legs. The midsole needs decent cushioning to absorb shock. EVA foam is a common cushioning material in pickleball shoes. More cushioning provides comfort for longer matches.

Lateral Support

Since pickleball involves quick side-to-side motions, choose shoes with lateral reinforcements and support structures to prevent rolling ankles. Keep the foot stable during quick changes of direction.


Pickleball involves frequent dragging of feet and shoes on the court surface, so it’s important women’s shoes stand up to abrasion. Look for these durability features:

  • Leather or synthetic leather uppers withstand scuffing better than mesh or knits.
  • Seamless overlays add structural integrity and prevent seams from splitting.
  • Abrasion-resistant toe caps guard against toe drags.
  • Herringbone tread patterns on outsoles maintain grip even when worn down.
  • Solid rubber compounds are more durable for outdoor play.


Breathable mesh helps keep feet cool and blister-free. A padded tongue and collar enhance comfort, as does a removable sockliner to accommodate your own orthotics. Getting the right size is also key to comfort.

Inforgraphics about best women's pickleball shoes

Women’s Pickleball Shoes: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about selecting the best women’s pickleball shoes:

How should properly fitted pickleball shoes feel?

Properly fitted pickleball shoes should feel snug without any pinching or pressure points. Your heel should not slip when walking or moving laterally. Make sure to try shoes on at the end of the day when your feet are swollen. There should be adequate room to wiggle toes but your foot shouldn’t be swimming in the shoe

What is the difference between pickleball shoes and tennis shoes?

Tennis and pickleball shoes are quite similar. Both support lateral motions and fast changes in direction. However, some brands are optimizing shoes specifically for pickleball’s unique demands. These shoes focus on flexibility, low profile outsoles, even better lateral stability and extended toe/forefoot protection. Tennis shoes work very well, but pickleball specific shoes can provide an edge.

Is it OK to wear running shoes for pickleball?

No, it’s not a good idea to use running shoes for pickleball. They aren’t designed for the side-to-side movements in pickleball, so they won’t give you the stability you need. Running shoes lack the lateral support and quick stopping ability needed in pickleball, making them a poor choice.

Are Hoka good for pickleball?

Even though Hoka shoes are known as running shoes, the Hoka Bondi 8 works well for outdoor pickleball. It offers excellent support on the court, making it a good choice for pickleball players. Check out this article for more details.

What’s the difference between men’s and women’s pickleball shoes?

Women’s shoes have a more narrow heel, lower volume forefoot and lower center of gravity. However, some brands simply use different color schemes to denote men’s and women’s shoes when they are unisex. Construction and fit can vary among brands. Checking sizing charts is important to get the right fit.

What is the best shoe type for outdoor pickleball courts?

Look for pickleball shoes with solid rubber outsoles and a herringbone tread pattern for optimal grip on outdoor courts. Durable leather or synthetic leather uppers also help shoes hold up to outdoor play. Make sure they offer adequate cushioning to soften the hard concrete surface.

How do I know if I need wide width pickleball shoes?

If the sides of standard width athletic shoes tend to irritate your feet or feel too snug, wide width is likely your better fit. Brands like New Balance and ASICS offer wide sizing options so measure your feet and choose the width accordingly. Also consider shoes with a wider toe box.

What should I look for in indoor court pickleball shoes?

Indoor pickleball demands shoes with solid gum rubber outsoles that won’t scuff or mark floors. A low-profile design with excellent flexibility and minimal break-in time is also ideal, as is a lightweight feel for quick reactions. Breathable mesh uppers keep feet cool in indoor conditions.

What should I do if my pickleball shoes hurt my feet?

If your pickleball shoes are giving you blisters or are uncomfortable, it might be because they’re the wrong size or need some time to get comfortable. Try wearing them at home for short periods to break them in. If they still bother you, think about getting a different size or brand.

What’s the difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball shoes?

Outdoor pickleball shoes are good for wider feet and have a firm structure for stability on outdoor courts. Meanwhile, indoor pickleball shoes have a rubber sole that grips well on indoor courts, giving a softer hold.

How often should I get new pickleball shoes?

The time you need new pickleball shoes depends on how much you play and how intense your games are. It’s usually a good idea to replace them after covering 400 to 600 miles or when you see they’re getting worn out and less comfy.

How do I clean my pickleball shoes?

Remove debris like dirt or small rocks with a soft brush. Use a small amount of gentle soap and warm water to spot clean stains. Allow shoes to fully air dry. Don’t machine wash or dry them. Replace insoles every 2-3 months for best support and odor prevention.

Are Skechers Arch Fit good for pickleball?

Yes, Skechers Arch Fit shoes are good for pickleball. People like them for their arch support, comfort, traction, and colors. These shoes give good support during pickleball games, have a stable sole, and the material on the bottom grips well, like a Goodyear tire. Many people are happy with the quality and how versatile they are.

Can I wear basketball shoes for pickleball?

Basketball shoes give good support, but they don’t last long. After playing for a while, they can make your Achilles tendons and calf muscles ache.

Can I wear badminton shoes for pickleball?

Usually, tennis shoes are for tennis courts, and badminton shoes are for badminton courts. But for pickleball, you can use tennis shoes on outdoor courts or pickleball courts. Badminton shoes work well on indoor pickleball courts.

What are the most durable outdoor pickleball shoes?

The Asics Dedicate 8 Pickleball shoes are known for their durability. They have a special rubber on the bottom that lasts a long time, and the tread pattern gives good grip on the court.

How long should pickleball shoes last?

Pickleball shoes usually last between 3 to 6 months. It’s best to replace them after about 60 hours of playing pickleball. Some of the best brands for pickleball shoes are K-Swiss, Fila, Wilson, Diadora, and Acacia.

Are Asics volleyball shoes good for pickleball?

Yes, Asics Upcourt 5 is a good choice for pickleball. These shoes work well for indoor pickleball.  They are lightweight, sturdy, and have strong traction so you won’t slip on the floor.

Are volleyball and pickleball shoes the same?

No, volleyball and pickleball shoes are not the same. Volleyball shoes give good grip and support for jumping, sliding, and quick moves. They have a wide, flat sole and a strong heel. Pickleball shoes, on the other hand, focus on absorbing shock, being quick and flexible. Pickleball shoes are lighter and let your feet breathe better than volleyball shoes.

What do professional & league pickleball players wear?

Sponsored professional players often wear their sponsor’s pickleball shoes, like those on pro teams wearing Skechers. Other players chooose tennis shoes they already favor for their quality and performance. Popular brands include ASICS, New Balance, Babolat, K-Swiss and more.

Say Hello to me.

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