What's in my Pickleball

Pickleball is so much fun! But what do you need to play? Let’s take a look inside my Pickleball bag and see what I’ve got.

What’s in my Pickleball Bag 


Pickleball ball

The pickleball ball is key – it’s a perforated polymer ball instead of a solid rubber ball which gives it a unique feel. The ball is a bit larger than a racquetball and will bounce differently off the pickleball court walls. Click Here to buy pickleball balls.


Protective eyewear is an absolute must for safety. Pickleball balls can travel extremely fast off the walls and ceiling. Polycarbonate sports goggles provide protection for your eyes.


Gloves protect your hands and improve your grip on the pickleball ball. Fingerless gloves allow flexibility while still covering your knuckles and palms.

Court Shoes

Court shoes provide the traction and support needed for quick lateral movements and stops. Shoes with a gum rubber sole are ideal for sticking to the court surface. Basketball or racquetball shoes work well. Pickleball shoes to buy.

Comfortable Athletic Wear

Light, breathable athletic shorts, shirts, and socks allow freedom of movement and airflow to stay cool. Clothing shouldn’t restrict reach or mobility during play.

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is key during the fast movement and intensity of pickleball games. A reusable water bottle ensures you have access to water when needed.


A microfiber workout towel is great for wiping sweat and moisture from your hands, face, and arms during play. Keep it clipped to your bag for easy access.

Gym Bag

A gym bag or backpack keeps all your gear together so it’s easy to grab and go. Look for one with ventilated zippered pockets and compartments to keep items organized and shoes separate.

Additional Useful Pickleball Gear

Once you’ve played a few games and want to step up your picklaball gear, here are some useful additions:

Pickleball Paddle

A pickleball paddle improves control and adds power to shots. It’s useful for players with less racquet sport experience. Paddles have a short handle and polycarbonate head specially made for pickleball.

Pickleball Paddle

Wrist Sweatbands

Terrycloth wrist sweatbands absorb moisture and keep sweat from running down to your palms and fingertips. Helpful for maintaining grip.


A headband or sweatband keeps sweat from your forehead from dripping into your eyes. Absorbent terrycloth and stretchy materials work best.

Knee Pads

Volleyball style comfortable knee pads for pickleball court to protect your knees when diving for shots. Choose comfortable, breathable neoprene material.

Ankle Brace

Ankle braces provide support and stabilization during quick multi-directional movements. Especially useful after ankle injuries.

What Not to Bring

Now that you know what to pack, here are some things to leave out of your pickleball bag:

🚫 Street shoes – Only non-marking court shoes should be worn on a pickleball court. Outdoor or running shoes can damage the floors.

🚫 Jewelry – For safety, no jewelry should be worn besides wedding bands and medical alert bracelets. Necklaces, watches, bracelets, etc can pose injury risks.

🚫 Chewing gum – Chewing gum while playing poses a choking hazard and sticks to court floors, so avoid packing it.

🚫 Bulky clothing – Oversized or restricting clothing interferes with movement and proper form. Opt for athletic wear designed for sports.

🚫 Phones/electronics – Leave phones and other electronics safely stored with your other belongings instead of on the court.

🚫 Food/drink – No food or drink besides water should be brought onto the courts. Hydrate before, during, and after play only with water.

Table Summary

Pickleball Bag EssentialsAdditional Useful GearWhat Not to BringGear Care Tips
BallPickleball paddleStreet shoesClean shoes
EyewearWrist sweatbandsJewelryWash gloves
GlovesHeadbandChewing gumClean eyewear
Court shoesKnee padsBulky clothingDry items
Athletic wearAnkle bracePhones/electronicsWash clothes
Water bottleFood/drinkClean bag

Pickleball Gear Shopping Tips

Picking out your pickleball gear doesn’t need to be complicated if you follow these tips:

🔍 Research – Consult pickleball gear guides and reviews. Talk to experienced players for advice. Identify key features for each piece of gear.

💲 Set a budget – Pickleball requires less gear than many other sports. Determine how much you want to spend as a beginner. Allocate more for essential safety items like eyewear.

🛒 Shop smart – Check sporting goods stores and online for deals. Look for packages or sets for key starter items. Quality doesn’t have to mean expensive.

🤝 Get recommendations – Ask for suggestions from players at your local court or in pickleball groups online. Learn from their experience testing gear.

👕 Try it on – Always try on shoes, gloves, and protective gear to ensure proper fit and comfort. Get a feel for moving around in items.

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Pickleball Gear Care Tips

Investing in quality gear and extending its lifespan comes down to proper care and maintenance:

👟 Clean shoes – Use soap and water to regularly clean the soles of court shoes. Remove any dirt or debris stuck in the tread.

🧤 Wash gloves -Machine wash gloves with mild detergent after each use. Air dry.

🥽 Clean eyewear – Use anti-fog spray and microfiber cloth to wipe lenses clean after each use.

💧 Dry items – Always dry gear like gloves, shoes, knee pads after playing to prevent mildew buildup.

👕 Wash clothes – Wash athletic wear in cold water delicate cycles. Hang dry workout clothes to prolong spandex integrity.

🎒 Clean bag – Periodically hand wash bag with mild detergent. Use disinfecting wipes on zippers and compartments.

🏋️‍♀️ Inspect – Check all items periodically for wear and tear. Replace as needed for safety and performance.

How important do you think safety gear is in pickleball?

Pickleball Gear FAQs

How much does basic pickleball gear cost?

You can get started with quality essential pickleball gear for around $50-$75. Invest more in protective eyewear since it’s vital for safety. Allocate about $20 each for a ball, shoes, gloves, and goggles.

Are special clothes needed for pickleball?

Any athletic wear like t-shirts, shorts, and socks work fine, as long as they allow full range of motion. Many players opt for workout clothes made of moisture-wicking performance fabrics that keep them cool.

What shoe type is best?

Court shoes like those designed for racquetball, squash, badminton or pickleball are ideal, as they provide good lateral support and traction. Basketball shoes also work. Avoid running shoes or cross trainers that could slip.

Can I wear regular glasses instead of goggles?

Protective sports goggles or other eyewear like racquetball glasses are highly recommended for safety. Regular eyeglasses don’t provide enough eye protection from a fast moving ball.

What’s the best way to carry a pickleball bag into the court?

Using a backpack style bag allows you to evenly distribute the weight on both shoulders. Other options include a traditional gym bag, tennis bag, or duffle bag. Bringing a small collapsible bag just for your shoes is also handy.

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