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Who is Steve Deakin bio?

Steve Deakin Pickleball player

Meet Steve Deakin, a guy who loves tennis and became a pro at pickleball! He started playing when he was just 5 years old! He won 11 big competitions in Canada.  Guess what? He won a whopping 11 Canadian National Titles and even ranked as a cool ATP player.

But then something happened. Steve got injured while playing tennis. Instead of giving up, he discovered pickleball in 2017. Since then, he’s won lots of important medals and become a champion in Canada five times!

Steve doesn’t just play pickleball, though. He also teaches others how to play. You can find him at In 2017, he joined the Selkirk Team and became the best doubles player in Canada.

Steve Deakin’s Achievements (2018-2019)

2019 Achievements

GOLD: Men’s Doubles Open – Canadian National Pickleball Championships

SILVER: Men’s Pro Doubles – US Open

BRONZE: Mixed Doubles 35+ and Mixed Doubles 45+ – US Open

2018 Achievements

GOLD: Men’s Doubles 35+ – US National

SILVER: Mixed Doubles 19+ and Mixed Doubles 35+ – PNW Regionals

Paddle of Choice and Playing Style

Paddle: Head Gravity Tour

Steve Deakin likes using the Head Gravity Tour paddle because it has a big sweet spot, gives a lot of power, and has extra grip. This helps him make cool and creative shots.

Playing Style

Steve is good at playing with his right hand. He wins a lot because he’s quick, makes shots carefully, and chooses smart moves. These skills help him do well. He’s also good at making the game go slower and thinking carefully about his moves, which makes him a tough person to play against.

Steve Deakin playing with pickleball paddle

How Did Steve Get Started in Pickleball?

Steve’s dad introduced him to pickleball in 2017 when he was recovering from a shoulder injury. Since then, Steve really liked how quick and exciting pickleball is.

Most Memorable Pickleball Moments

  • Walking onto the stadium court at Indian Wells for the US Nationals in 2019.
  • Winning all four Canadian National Titles.
  • Podium finish after returning from injury in 2022.

Best Advice Received

“Never give up and keep trying to win.”

“Be humble no matter how good you think you are.”

Challenges in Pickleball

Steve says: At first, getting used to the gentle and slow way of playing pickleball was hard. I had to change how I usually play tennis, where I focus more on using power.

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FAQs: Answering Common Queries About Steve Deakin

How old is Steve Deakin?

Steve Deakin is 49 years old.

What is Steve Deakin’s net worth?

The net worth of Steve Deakin is not available publicly.

How did Steve Deakin get involved in pickleball?

Steve began playing pickleball in 2017 when he couldn’t play tennis because of an injury. His dad introduced him to the game.

What paddle does Steve Deakin play with?

Steve plays with the Head Gravity Tour for its large sweet spot and power.

What skills make Steve Deakin a great athlete?

Steve is really good at pickleball because he uses quick hands, plays well all the time, and makes smart choices when hitting the ball.

How many tournaments does Steve Deakin play in a year?

Steve plans to participate in 32 tournaments in 2020, pending COVID-related uncertainties.

What is Steve Deakin’s most memorable competitive moment?

Steve cherishes the experience of playing in the gold medal match at Indian Wells during the US Nationals in 2019.

Does Steve Deakin prefer playing indoors or outdoors?

Steve prefers playing outdoors, citing the fresh air and sunshine as advantages over indoor play.

How did Steve Deakin transition from tennis to pickleball?

Steve hurt his shoulder playing tennis, so he tried pickleball. It’s not as tough on the shoulder, but still super fun and competitive!

What challenges did Steve face in adapting to pickleball from tennis?

Steve initially struggled with the transition from a power-focused tennis mentality to pickleball’s softer, more patient gameplay.

Why does Steve Deakin prefer playing doubles over singles?

Steve is an experienced player who likes playing doubles in games. He enjoys being strategic and patient, and this fits well with how he plays and his past experiences.

How did Steve Deakin overcome injuries in pickleball?

Steve faced injuries, including a broken ankle and a calf strain in 2018. However, since 2019, he has been relatively injury-free.

 What does Steve Deakin do when he’s not playing pickleball?

When Steve’s not playing pickleball, he really likes watching a bunch of shows on Netflix, playing poker, and treating himself to fancy meals.

What happened to Steve Deakin in 2017?

Steve suffered a tennis injury, leading him to discover pickleball, where he became a multi-major medalist and a 5-time Canadian National Champion.

How many pickleball players are there in Canada?

Over 1.37 million Canadians play pickleball at least once a month, with Steve Deakin being one of the top players.

In summary, Steve Deakin’s journey from tennis to becoming a top pickleball player showcases his passion, skill, and dedication to the sport. His achievements and insights into the game provide a view of this renowned athlete.

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