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Meet Federico Staksrud: A Pickleball Pro Making Waves!

Federico Staksrud Early Life:

Who is Federico Staksrud?

Federico Staksrud was born on February 15, 1991, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He started playing tennis when he was younger and became the seventh-best player under 18 in his country. When he turned 27 in 2021, he switched to playing pickleball. Now, Federico is making a big impact as a strong and skilled player in professional pickleball. 

He currently resides in Naples, FL, and is known for his right-handed playing style. Starting with tennis and now excelling in pickleball, Federico Staksrud is making his mark in the world of sports.

Federico Staksrud is playing in court

Sports Background:

  • Competed in tennis at various U.S. colleges, including the University of New Orleans and Tennessee Wesleyan.
  • #7 ranked U18 tennis player in Argentina.

Pickleball Transition:

  • Turned pro in pickleball in 2021.
  • Trained with top players like Simone Jardim, CJ Klinger, Kyle Yates, and others.

Academic and Professional Achievements:

While being great at sports, Federico also did well in school. He got a master’s degree in Information Systems from Florida Gulf Coast University. He managed his time well, coaching tennis and working in the software industry at the same time. This showed how good he was at doing different things and how dedicated he was.

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Pickleball Equipment:

  • Paddle: JOOLA Perseus

Player Rankings (As of October 2023):

  • #3 globally in Pro Men’s Singles
  • #27 globally in Pro Men’s Doubles
  • #25 globally in Pro Men’s Mixed
Federico Staksrud is playing in court with his favourite Joola paddle

Tournament Achievements:

Federico has won important tournaments like the PPA Atlanta Open, PPA SoCal Open, and PPA Indianapolis Open. He did really well and became a finalist in big events such as the U.S. Open Pickleball Championships and the PPA World Championship.

Federico Staksrud Net Worth and Sponsorship:

Federico Staksrud net worth is $4 million, earned from winning tournaments, coaching, and sponsorships. JOOLA sponsors him, and he also works with other groups like Pickleball Zone and Pickleball University. This shows he’s one of the best players in pickleball.

Personal Life:

Federico Staksrud has a really supportive family that encourages his pickleball career. They stand by him and cheer him on as he plays the sport. Even though Federico likes to keep his personal life private, he’s very close to his family. They share a strong bond, and he values their support and connection in his life.


  • Enjoys watching F1 racing, tennis, and the NBA.
  • Active on social media, appearing in magazines, podcasts, and YouTube channels.

Future Prospects:

  • A rising star in professional pickleball with promising financial prospects.
  • Known for adaptability, passion, and pursuit of excellence.


At just 27 years old, Federico Staksrud is making big waves in professional pickleball. He’s not just a rising star; he’s a real powerhouse on the court. Keep an eye out for his exciting performances!

Federico Staksrud is smiling


What paddle does Federico Staksrud use for pickleball?

Federico plays with a JOOLA Perseus pickleball paddle.

What’s Federico Staksrud’s net worth?

Federico Staksrud’s estimated net worth is $4 million. His earnings come from tournament winnings, coaching, and sponsorships, including partnerships with JOOLA, Pickleball Zone, and Pickleball University.

What nationality is Federico Staksrud?

Federico Staksrud is from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was one of the top seven players in the country’s under-18 rankings.

What is Federico Staksrud’s height?

Federico Staksrud height is 5 feet 11 inches.

When did Federico Staksrud start playing pickleball professionally?

Federico Staksrud transitioned to professional pickleball in the year 2021.

What is Federico Staksrud’s background in sports?

Federico initially competed in tennis, starting at a young age. He was notably ranked as the #7 U18 tennis players in Argentina.

What is Federico Staksrud’s current ranking in professional pickleball?

As of October 2023, Federico holds the #3 position globally in Pro Men’s Singles, #27 in Pro Men’s Doubles, and #25 in Pro Men’s Mixed.

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