Kyle Yates: Pro Pickleball Player Bio


  • Introduction to Pickleball:
    • Kyle Yates, a professional athlete, discovered his passion for pickleball through his uncle, Mike Welter, at a young age.
  • Early Achievements:
    • Won gold in men’s doubles 19+ at his debut USAPA Nationals.
    • Pioneered the professionalization of pickleball, being among the first globally to go pro.
Kyle Yates: Pro Pickleball Player

Career Highlights:

  • Championship Triumphs:
    • Clinched six gold medals at the US Open.
    • Secured four gold medals at the USAPA Nationals.
    • Achieved a total of 15 medals at the USAPA Nationals.

Playing Style and Gear:

  • Distinctive Style:
    • Recognized for lightning-quick hands, agility, and powerful hits.
    • Utilizes the Bantam EX-L paddle, known for its advanced Bantam PolyCore for controlled yet explosive hits.

Kyle Yates’ Future Career

  • Current Ranking:
    • Kyle is presently ranked at #18 on the Pickleball Global Rankings, with expectations for this number to evolve.
  • Playing Status:
    • Continues to be a dominant force in pickleball, playing professionally since his teenage years.
  • Who is Kyle Yates?
    • A world-class pickleball player renowned for his achievements and coaching initiatives at the Yates Pickleball Academy.

Kyle Yate’s Earning:

Though exact figures are not provided, it’s estimated Kyle Yates earns $20,000 to $60,000 annually from pickleball through a mix of small tournament winnings, sponsorships, and marketing work. As the sport grows, so too could his income potential.

Biography Table

Date of BirthNot provided
Age26 years
Career Start2014 (Started professional career)
Major Titles– 6 US Open Pro Doubles Titles
– 2 TOC Pro Doubles Titles
– 2 USAPA Nationals Pro Doubles Titles
World RankingCurrently #18 on the Pickleball Global Rankings
Brand SponsorshipPaddletek, Harbour Insurance
Signature PaddleBantam EX-L from Paddletek
Off-court HobbiesSurfing, golfing, reading, video games
Future PlansEstablish Yates Pickleball Academy for coaching
Open a pickleball/racquet sports club
Legacy ClaimBelieves to be the first professional pickleball player


  • Sponsored by renowned brands including Paddletek and Harbour Insurance.
  • The Bantam EX-L, his pro series model, is highly popular in the professional pickleball community.


“I give a big shout out to Kyle for coming down to Aurora, Co. and hanging out with some of us guys at Highlands Hollow and playing a bit..”

  • Robert Bruce, February 7, 2023


How old is Kyle Yates?

He is 26 years old.

What is Kyle Yates’ net worth?

His net worth is undisclosed.

What advice does Kyle have for aspiring junior pickleball players?

Kyle emphasizes passion and dedication, sharing that putting your heart into what you love leads to success.

Tell us about Kyle’s family and their connection to pickleball.

Kyle highlights his family’s achievements, including his sister’s gold medals and his uncle’s resilience post-stroke.

What is Kyle’s legacy in pickleball?

Kyle believes he pioneered professional pickleball, contributing to its recognition as a full-time career.

Something people don’t know about Kyle?

Despite on-court intensity, Kyle describes himself as an introvert, enjoying solo activities like reading and painting.

How has pickleball evolved in the 10 years Kyle has played?

Kyle reflects on the sport’s growth, from makeshift courts to larger tournaments and improved sponsorships.

Kyle’s off-court activities?

Enjoys outdoor activities like swimming and hiking, and relaxes with movies and video games, showcasing a balanced lifestyle.

Favorite pickleball moment?

Winning the U.S. Open with his sister is Kyle’s all-time favorite, a heartfelt victory dedicated to her.

What are Kyle’s future plans in pickleball?

Kyle plans to compete, teach through the Yates Pickleball Academy, and develop his apparel brand, PB1965.

Where does Kyle see himself in 5/10 years?

Kyle envisions running a successful pickleball facility and club, fostering friendships through sports.

Kyle’s on-court temperament?

Acknowledging occasional outbursts, Kyle attributes it to the pressure he put on himself earlier, emphasizing personal growth.


November 21, 2022Kyle Yates Pro Pickleball BioBeginning of Kyle’s professional journey into pickleball.
2014USAPA National Tournament (Debut)Gold in men’s doubles 19+, marking a promising start.
2016US Open, Tournament of Champions, USAPA NationalsGrand slam of men’s pro doubles, showcasing early dominance.
2018WPF World #1 Ranked Doubles PlayerRecognition as a top-ranked player in the world.
2019Gold Medals in Various TournamentsAchieved gold in men’s and mixed doubles at notable events.
2022Pickleball Hall of Fame NomineeAcknowledgment of Kyle’s impact and dominance in the sport.
Future PlansYates Pickleball Academy, PB1965Shifting focus to teaching, brand development, and facility ownership.

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