Tyson McGuffin

Tyson McGuffin has been in the top 10 pickleball players since he turned into pickleball from tennis. Here’s the Tyson McGuffin bio;

DoB: December 16, 1989

Age: 31 Years

Height: 5′ 10″ (155.5cm)

Living In: Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

Education: Scottsdale CC

Plays: Right Handed


Tyson McGuffin

Meet Tyson McGuffin

Tyson Mcguffin’s father was his wrestling coach in high school, but he found his passion for tennis rather than wrestling. He even preferred a tennis athlete scholarship over a wrestling scholarship and won 2 state titles for Lake Chelan. Later, he coached the Yakima Tennis Club for almost 6 years.

When he was introduced to pickleball, he started loving the game, and he said I found my true passion in pickleball. Then he earned his name in the top 10 pickleball players in no time, he is known for his aggressive game style. He also loves teaching pickleball and serves as an IPTPA and PPR-certified coach.

Tyson McGuffin loves spending time with family, going on vacations, hiking, and enjoying dance at music festivals.

How much is Tyson McGuffin’s net worth?

Tyson McGuffin’s net worth is around $2 million, he earns from different streams, from pickleball tournaments and coaching to brand ambassador and sponsorships.


Tyson has a thumping record in pickleball history and more to come from his side.

US Open Pickleball Championships

Ben has won several medals at US Open Pickleball Championships since 2017.


  • Won Bronze Medal in mixed doubles


  • Won Silver Medal in men’s singles
  • Won Bronze Medal in men’s double


  • Won Gold Medal in men’s singles 
  • Won Gold Medal in men’s doubles
  • Won Gold Medal in mixed doubles


  • Won Gold Medal in men’s singles
  • Won Silver Medal in men’s doubles age
  • Won Silver Medal in mixed doubles

Adding to US Open Pickleball Championships, he has 5 Grand Slam Championships and 4 National Championships under his name.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tyson McGuffin’s birthday?

Tyson McGuffin’s birthdate is December 16th, 1989.

Is Tyson McGuffin married?

Yes, he is married.

How many kids does Tyson McGuffin have?

Tyson has four kids, three sons, and a daughter.

How old is Tyson McGuffin?

Tyson McGuffin is 33 years old.

How tall is Tyson Mcguffin?

Tyson McGuffin is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

What team does Tyson McGuffin play for?

Selkirk is Tyson McGuffin’s sponsor; also he is TeamSelkirk Advisory Staff Member.

How much does Tyson McGuffin make?

Tyson McGuffin’s estimated earnings are $84,075 per year.

Where is Tyson McGuffin from?

Tyson McGuffin from Lake Chelan, Washington.

Who is Tyson McGuffin married to?

Megan McGuffin is the wife of Tyson McGuffin.

What paddle is Tyson McGuffin using?

As of 2023, Tyson McGuffin has been using the VANGUARD POWER AIR INVIKTA PADDLE.

Tyson McGuffin’s birthday?

Tyson McGuffin’s birthdate is December 16th, 1989.

What hat does Tyson McGuffin use?

Tyson McGuffin uses the Selkirk Premium Hat (SPF50) in White/Pink.

What shorts does Tyson McGuffin wear?

Tyson McGuffin has a bold fashion sense when it comes to his athletic apparel. He loves wearing flashy pink shoes paired with equally vibrant purple, white or pink shorts. McGuffin color coordinates the shoes and shorts for an eye-catching color-blocked look. He balances the loud colors with a neutral black, white or gray shirt and a matching trucker hat. McGuffin brilliantly mixes bold hues with neutral tones, creating stylish looks.

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Pratice how you want to play.

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