Vivienne David Bio

Vivienne David Bio

Vivienne David Height: 5’4″

Resides: Dripping Springs, TX

Turned Pro: 2015

Vivienne David Age: 27

Plays: Right-Handed

Preferred Paddle: CBRN-1 X 16mm

Vivienne David Pickleball Player’s Husband: Unknown

Vivienne David Bio - Professional Pickleball Player

Early Life and Tennis Roots

Vivienne was born in Canada but grew up in Florida. She later moved to Texas in 2020. Vivienne has loved tennis since she was a child. She started playing tennis when she was eight years old. As a child, Vivienne worked with her six siblings at her dad’s tennis store. Vivienne played her first pickleball tournament in 2018. 

Vivienne David Pickleball Journey

Vivienne started playing pickleball in 2018. This was the start of an amazing journey for her. Within one year, she won a singles event at the 2019 World Pickleball Championships. Winning this big tournament made Vivienne want to play pickleball full-time. So she started focusing completely on her pickleball career in 2020.

Vivienne David Background

Vivienne David was originally from Canada, with parents from Slovakia. She lived in Florida for 17 years where she was homeschooled and actively participated in junior tennis tournaments. David is the second youngest of seven children (six sisters and one brother). 

At age 15, she began working at her father’s tennis and pickleball retail store in Florida. It was there she first learned about pickleball in 2013. In 2019, David started entering local Florida pickleball tournaments and found great success, winning several events including the singles title at the 2019 World Pickleball Championships.

Social Presence

Stay connected with Vivienne on Instagram.


Where is Vivienne David from?

Vivienne David was born in Canada and spent the majority of her childhood in Florida before moving to Texas in 2020.

What is Vivienne David’s height and playing style?

Vivienne stands at 5′ 4″ and plays right-handed.

What paddle does Vivienne David play with?

Vivienne plays with the CRBN-1X 16mm paddle. Designed by Garrett Gosselin, the CEO of CRBN, this paddle is trusted by professionals like DJ Young and Thomas Wilson.

How many siblings does Vivienne David have?

Vivienne is the second youngest among her seven siblings—six girls and one boy. Growing up in a large family, sports, particularly tennis, played a significant role in their live.

When did Vivienne turn professional in pickleball?

Vivienne turned professional in the sport of pickleball in 2020, choosed a full-time career after a remarkable victory at the World Pickleball Championship in 2019.

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