Queens of the Court: Top Female Pickleball Players Dominating the Game

Pickleball has been growing in popularity in recent years, and women have been making a big impact on the game. From professionals to amateurs, female players have been dominating the court and showing their skill in this fast-paced sport.

Some super skilled female athletes taking home big prize checks. Even beginners are getting in on the fun – you can start playing with a paddle under $100 without breaking the bank.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top female pickleball players and their achievements.

Queens of the Court: Top 20 Female Pickleball Players Dominating the Game

Here are the queens of the court, the top 15 female pickleball players who are dominating the game and leaving their mark on this fast-growing sport. These women have worked hard to perfect their skills and have risen to the top of the pickleball world. Get ready to meet the leading ladies of the pickleball court and discover what makes them stand out from the rest.

1. Simone Jardim: The Queen of Pickleball

Simone Jardim is a Brazilian-born player who has won numerous championships and titles. She is known for her aggressive style of play and her ability to dominate on the court. Jardim is a former tennis player, and her experience in that sport has helped her develop a strong serve and excellent footwork. She is considered the best female pickleball player in the world.


  • She was ranked the number one woman player in the world from 2016 to 2020.
  • Simone has won the US Open women’s singles four consecutive times (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019).
  • She is a two-time triple crown winner of the US Open Pickleball Championships, winning in singles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles in 2017 and 2018.
  • Simone Jardim holds the record for the most women’s Pro Pickleball Association titles with 32, as of 2021.
  • She has achieved the highest ranking of No.1 in both singles and doubles categories.
  • Simone Jardim won US Open Pickleball Championships in doubles and mixed doubles categories in 2017 and 2018, and in mixed doubles in 2019 and 2021.
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2. Lucy Kovalova: The Ukrainian Sensation

Lucy Kovalova is a Slovakian Pickleball player known for her outstanding performance in the sport. Before switching to Pickleball, she was part of her country’s Junior Nationals Tennis team and later became a nationally ranked collegiate Tennis star in the US. Lucy’s transition to Pickleball was successful, earning her numerous medals in the US Open and other recognitions in the USA Pickleball National Championships and USA National Championships. Her international impact has made her a notable figure in women’s Pickleball. She is currently ranked number two in the world.


  • MVC All-Select Team (Jan 2014)
  • MVC Women’s Scholar-Athlete First Team (Jan 2014)
  • 2013 MVC Elite 18 Award (May 2013)
  • MVC All-Conference at No. 3 Singles (Jan 2013)
  • Freshman of the Year (May 2012)
  • MVC All-Conference at No. 3 Singles (Jan 2012)

3. Irina Tereschenko: The Russian Powerhouse

 Irina Tereschenko is a skilled Pickleball player whose career took off in 2015. She is a professional Pickleball player and instructor from Russia, who has made a name for herself in the global Pickleball community. With over 20 years of experience in racquet sports, Irina has become a mainstay in the Pickleball community, hosting clinics worldwide. Irina is known for her precision and intensity on the court, making her a role model for aspiring female Pickleball players.       


  • Winner of over 40 gold medals in major Pickleball tournaments
  • 2016 USAPA Nationals women’s singles champion
  • 2018 and 2019 USAPA Nationals women’s pro doubles champion (with Lucy Kovalova)
  • Winner of the 2019 US Open women’s pro doubles championship (with Lucy Kovalova)
  • A 20+ year racquet sports veteran from Russia
  • She has been a mainstay of the global Pickleball community for many years hosting Pickleball clinics worldwide.

4. Michelle Esquivel

Michelle Esquivel, a Californian pickleball player, has made remarkable progress in the sport since being introduced to it by a friend in 2015. She quickly fell in love with the sport and has since made significant strides in her professional career. As a professional player, she has an impressive 23-7 record and is known for her precision and powerful shots on the court. 


  • Ranked in the Top 10 in all three pickleball ranking systems
  • Won a bronze medal at Nationals and a gold medal in Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles at the SoCal Classic.
  • Strong record in both singles and doubles play
  • Active volunteer for the American Heart Association
  • Strong advocate for junior pickleball program
  • Best shot: backhand roll and return of serve
  • Favorite historical figure: Lucille Ball, for paving the way for women and thinking outside the box.

5. Catherine Parenteau: The Rising Star

Catherine Parenteau is a Canadian tennis star turned Pickleball player who has quickly made a name for herself in the world of Pickleball. Within six months of starting her Pickleball journey, she was competing in the prestigious US Open for Pickleball, and today she is considered one of the top female Pickleball players in the world.


  • Winner of 3 US Open championships
  • Winner of over 15 PPA Tour Titles
  • Gold medalist at the 2018 USAPA Nationals with Leigh Waters
  • Winner of the 2019 Canadian Nationals with Athena Trouillot and Riley Newman
  • Winner of the 2019 Chicago Open with Andrea Koop
  • Sponsored by Paddletek for her excellent play

6. Lauren Stratman

Lauren Stratman is a well-known professional athlete in both the tennis and pickleball worlds. Originally from Santa Barbara, California, and has made significant contributions to both sports. Currently, she works as a tennis instructor at the Santa Barbara Tennis Club and the Municipal Tennis Center. In 2019, she decided to turn her passion for pickleball into a full-time profession, making a remarkable transition from an amateur to a professional player.


  • Consistently ranked in the top 10 players in both tennis and pickleball.
  • Ranked as a top 5 player in the APP Tour and World PB rankings.
  • Made the transition from amateur to professional pickleball player in 2019.
  • Quit her full-time job in tennis to focus on pickleball and has made significant contributions to the sport.
  • Employed as a tennis instructor at the Santa Barbara Tennis Club and the Municipal Tennis Center.

7. Lea Jansen

Lea Jansen is a well-known name in the world of Pickleball, hailing from California. Along with being a world-class player, she is also a leading executive at the HUB Pickleball Club in San Diego. Additionally, she works as an assistant tennis coach at Grand Valley State University.


  • Ranked in the top 10 in multiple women’s Pickleball ranking systems
  • Competed in five tournaments and won 13 matches as a professional pickleball player
  • She has consistently medaled in major professional tournaments across the United States, in both singles and doubles categories
  • Leading executive at HUB Pickleball Club in San Diego

8. Jennifer Dawson 

Jennifer Dawson is a well-known and successful pickleball player who has made a name for herself in the sport. With a background in tennis, Dawson has been able to excel on the pickleball court and has been dominating the game ever since. Jennifer is not only an exceptional athlete, but she also teaches tennis and pickleball, making her a versatile and valuable asset to the sports community.


  • Became the first-ever Triple Crown winner at the Minto US Open Pickleball Championships.
  • Made history as the first woman to win gold medals in three different categories at the 2017 World Championships.
  • Has won numerous gold medals in all major pickleball tournaments.
  • Has hosted pickleball clinics worldwide and is considered a role model for female pickleball players.

9. Callie Jo Smith

Callie Jo Smith is a talented Pickleball player from Utah who started her athletic career as a PAC 12 collegiate Tennis player at the University of Utah. She was introduced to Pickleball by her grandfather and her passion for the game grew rapidly. Callie Smith holds the #2 ranking in PPA Women’s Doubles and the #4 ranking in Women’s Singles.


  • Won the 2022 women’s PPA doubles title with Lucy Kovalova
  • Ranked top 10 in the country
  • Known for her powerful and precise shots
  • A rising star in the Pickleball community

10. Vivienne David

Vivienne David is a young Canadian athlete and one of the world’s top pickleball players. Her father, Jan David, is the creator and owner of Pickleball and Tennis US and Pickleball Global, which introduced Vivienne to the sport at a young age. Her passion for racquet sports has only grown since she began playing tennis at a very young age.


  • At just eight years old, she began playing tennis and was introduced to pickleball by her father.
  • One of the youngest ever to reach the World Ranking of Top 10 Pickleball Players.
  • Vivienne is one of the few women worldwide who have qualified for the US National Team in pickleball.

11. Salome Devidze

Salome Devidze is a talented athlete from Georgia who has made a name for herself in both tennis and pickleball. Despite being a relative newcomer to pickleball, she has already achieved significant success and is currently ranked #2 in the world in women’s singles.


  • Ranked #2 in the world in women’s singles
  • Representing Eastern Europe with distinction in the USA
  • Building a strong Pickleball resume alongside a successful tennis career

12. Anna Leigh Waters: The Young Gun

Anna Leigh Waters is a young Pickleball player who made headlines when she turned pro at the age of 12. Born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida. She has been making waves in the Pickleball world with her remarkable talent and dedication to the sport. Anna’s doubles partner is her mother Leigh Waters, a former Tennis player, who has been an inspiration and mentor to her daughter.


  • Holds 7 PPA Triple Crowns at the age of 15
  • Has won 6 US Open gold medals
  • Has won 6 USAPA National Gold medals

13. Jessie Irvine

Jessie Irvine is a rising star in the world of pickleball. She has won several titles, including the women’s doubles championship at the 2021 US Open. Irvine is known for her versatility on the court and her ability to adapt to different opponents.

14. Sarah Ansboury

Sarah Ansboury, a professional tennis coach with over a decade of experience, has transitioned to the world of pickleball and has made quite an impact. She won the 2015 National Open Doubles Championship and went on to win both the 2016 US Open Doubles and Mixed Championships. Along with her impressive tournament record, she also creates instructional videos for pickleball players, and her channel features matches of play. 

For more information on Sarah Ansboury, visit her website at www.sarahansboury.com, and follow her athlete’s page on Facebook to stay updated on her current activities at www.facebook.com/sarahansbourypickleball.

15. Christine McGrath

Christine McGrath is a well-known professional pickleball player and entrepreneur, who co-designed a signature paddle with Franklin Pickleball. She has an impressive record of countless tournament wins, including US Open and Tournament of Champions gold medals, and is widely recognized as one of the best pickleball players in the world. Prior to pickleball, Christine was a lifelong and Division I collegiate tennis player.


  • Countless tournament wins, including US Open and Tournament of Champions gold medals
  • Co-designed a signature power and spin-friendly paddle with Franklin Pickleball
  • Started playing pickleball in 2015
  • Favorite sports quote: “Go big or go home”
  • Top tip for someone just getting started in pickleball: “Have fun!”
  • Favorite activity outside of pickleball: spending time with family and friends

16. Athena Trouillot

Catherine Parenteau and Athena Trouillot, 2019 Canadian Nationals.

Athena Trouillot is a young and talented pickleball player who has made a name for herself in the sport. She is known for her quick hands and strong blocking skills, which have helped her achieve success in doubles play. Athena enjoys traveling to tournaments with Catherine and Simone, where they offer clinics to give people an opportunity to train with them.


  • Athena has won several titles in prestigious tournaments, including the Women’s Doubles Open at the 2019 Canadian Nationals and Women’s Skill/Age Doubles at the 2019 USAPA Nationals Margaritaville.
  • She has also achieved a silver medal in Mixed Doubles Open at the 2019 Canadian Nationals, playing alongside Steve Deakin.
  • Paddletek sponsors Athena and uses the Bantam EX-L paddle, which she loves for its power, spin, and blocking abilities.

Notably, Athena Trouillot won gold in the Women’s Doubles Open at the 2019 Canadian Nationals with Catherine Parenteau and silver in Mixed Doubles Open with Steve Deakin. She has also won several other awards and has a reputation for “quick hands” and excellent blocking. To stay in top competitive shape, she works out three days a week with a trainer and focuses on quick hands and blocking drills.

17. Andrea Koop

Andrea Koop pickleball player

Andrea Koop is a multi-talented individual, excelling both on the pickleball court and in the courtroom. Her journey began as a successful tennis player during her time at UCLA, where she won the NCAA Women’s Team Championship in 2008. After graduating from law school, she discovered her passion for pickleball in 2017 and quickly rose to become one of the top players in the sport. Today, she not only competes at a professional level but also takes pride in her role as a tournament director for the Beer City Open, contributing to the growth and vibrancy of the pickleball community. Andrea Koop is a 34-year-old professional pickleball player.

Andrea Koop’s Achievements:

  • Won the NCAA Women’s Team Championship with the UCLA Bruins in 2008 during her freshman year.
  • Graduated from Michigan State University College of Law.
  • Tournament director of the Beer City Open in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • One of the top five female players in the APP tour.
  • Runner-up silver medalist in the women’s doubles finals at the 2022 U.S. Open Pickleball Championships.

18. Megan Fudge

Megan Fudge Pickleball Player

Megan Fudge, originally from Germany and educated in England, is a talented pickleball player and former tennis pro. With a remarkable college career at the University of Illinois, where she achieved top rankings in both singles and doubles, Megan has now transitioned into coaching alongside her husband Ryler DeHeart at their academy in Seminole, FL. Together, they travel around the country to tournaments in their RV, juggling their passion for the sport with the joys of raising their two children, Lily and JR, both of whom share their love for pickleball.

Megan Fudge’s Achievements:

  • Won the national championships during her senior year while attending school in England.
  • Former University of Illinois DI standout, ranked in the top 50 in singles and top 25 in the ITA national doubles rankings.
  • Received four All-Conference accolades and was named Team MVP four times during her college career.
  • Awarded the prestigious Cissy Leary Regional Sportsmanship Award for her leadership in leading her team to a top 25 finish in the country.

19. Parris Todd

Parris Todd Pickleball Player

Meet Parris Todd, a professional pickleball player from Newport Beach, CA. Parris is making waves in the pickleball world with her impressive skills and achievements. She was introduced to the sport in late 2021 and wasted no time in making her mark. In just her first year as a pro player, she participated in all three MLP finals with her team BLQK, securing two titles. Parris’s outstanding performance earned her the coveted title of Major League Pickleball’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the final event of the season in Columbus, Ohio. Not only that, but she also earned over 20 medals on the APP and PPA tours in 2022, showcasing her dominance on the court.

Parris Todd Achievements:

  • Winner of two titles in the MLP finals with team BLQK in 2022.
  • Named Major League Pickleball’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) in the final event of the season in 2022.
  • Secured over 20 medals on the APP and PPA tours in 2022.
  • Defeated top players like Anna Leigh Waters.
  • Formerly a #1 ranked junior in the country for tennis from ages 14-16.
  • Successfully launched her clothing line, Waisted USA, and got it into Macy’s within just 3 months of business.

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Women’s Pickleball Association: Advancing Women’s Pickleball

The Women’s Pickleball Association (WPA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing women’s pickleball. The WPA provides opportunities for women to compete, network, and learn from top female pickleball players. The organization also promotes the sport’s inclusivity and accessibility and is committed to advancing its growth and development.

FAQs Top Female Pickleball Players

Who is the best women’s pickleball player?

Simone Jardim is considered the best women’s pickleball player in the sport, having won more than 90 medals in professional competitions.

How much do female pickleball players make?

The amount that female pickleball players make can vary depending on their skill level and success in tournaments. While some players may make a modest income from prize money, sponsorships, and coaching, it’s not typically enough to be their primary source of income.

How much do female pro pickleball players make?

A Pickleball Pro in the United States earns an average annual salary of $112,707. If you prefer a straightforward salary calculation, this is approximately $54.19 per hour. In weekly terms, it equals around $2,167, and on a monthly basis, it sums up to $9,392.

Who is the best female pickleball player 15 years old?

Anna Leigh Waters has been identified as the best female pickleball player at the age of only 15. This recognition was awarded during the 2022 Pickleball National Championship.

Who won the women’s pickleball championship?

The winner of the women’s pickleball championship in 2022 was Anna Leigh Waters.

How much do pro pickleball players get paid?

The amount of money professional pickleball players make varies depending on their level of play, sponsorships, and tournament winnings. However, as of my knowledge, the top professional players can make anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000 or more per year.

 Are there any up-and-coming female pickleball players to watch?

Yes, there are many talented young players who are making a name for themselves in the sport. Keep an eye on players like Anna Leigh Waters and Leigh Waters, who are both highly skilled and have bright futures in the sport.

Who are some of the top female pickleball players in 2024?

As of 2024, top female pickleball players include Ben Johns, Tyson McGuffin, Kyle Yates, Simone Jardim, and Sarah Ansboury.

What achievements have made these female players stand out?

These players have achieved success through impressive tournament performances, consistent rankings, and contributions to the growth of pickleball.

How is the ranking of top female pickleball players determined?

Rankings are often based on tournament results, including victories, consistency, and overall performance in various competitions.

Can men and women play together in pickleball?

Yes, men and women can play together in pickleball. In fact, many tournaments have mixed doubles events where male and female players compete as a team. This adds to the inclusivity and fun of the sport, allowing players of all genders to compete and enjoy the game together. However, there are also separate events for men’s and women’s doubles, allowing players to compete against others of the same gender if they choose. Overall, pickleball is a sport that welcomes players of all genders and skill levels.

If you’re curious about the top men’s pickleball players to watch out for in 2024, this article may be worth exploring.

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